Ads FINALLY Beat A Team In Their Division!

It had been 12 losses in a row against Division foes.  The last win was against Chicago on December 28th of 2011.  You may remember it because you still thought the Badgers had a chance to win (Editors Note:  Sutty is an Oregon fan).

Tonight, Kyle Wilson was yet again the hero for the Admirals.

Wilson had two third period goals to lead the Admirals to a 3-2 victory over the Peoria Rivermen, snapping a five game losing streak to the St. Louis Blues affiliate this season.

Here’s Coach Herbers with the Google Maps High Level Overview.

Atte Engren was in goal for the Admirals tonight, and he played well.  Here’s Coach on why we saw Atte tonight.

It took over 35 minutes before there was a goal in this game and one team had 21 shots before they did it. Would you believe me if I told you it was the Admirals with the majority of chances? To say Jake Allen was having a good game would be an understatement.

It was Taylor Beck who broke the stalemate with a great wrist shot short side that beat Allen in close. Beck and Brodie Dupont were charging into the zone with Riverman Danny Syvret as the only line of defense (save the goalie). Beck never needed his mate as he scored the goal unassisted to give the Ads the 1-0 lead.

With under a minute left in the second period the Rivermen returned the favor and netted a goal of thier own. Jonathan Cheechoo was down low causing problems for Atte Engren when the puck was sent to Derek Nesbitt at the point. Nesbitt let go a shot that Atte missed short-side shoulder-level. As soon as the puck crossed the line Atte displayed his dismay, contesting that he was interfered with by Cheechoo. Upon review it seemed to be a good no call. The Ref came over to Atte and said what I am sure was “No, no, he didn’t slam you, he didn’t bump you, he didn’t nudge you… he *rubbed* you. And rubbin, son, is racin’ hockey.”

In the third period, whilst on the Mountain Fury Power Play, Kyle Wilson had a nifty move to separate from a Rivermen defender and fired a wrister that beat Allen to give the Ads the 2-1 lead. Wilson was attacking the zone along the near side wall when he was approached by Brennan Evans in the near circle. Wilson gave a jump-move inside leaving Evans Pee-oria-ing in his pants ***, and fired a shot from near the slot that beat Allen high glove side. This was a great move from Wilson and an equally good finish on the play. Boom went the dynamite!!!!

(*** zing courtesy of John “The Colonel” Bitter)

Here’s Wilson on that play.

That wouldn’t even be Wilson’s best goal of the game. That would come about 12 minutes later in the 3rd as he had a backhander that beat Allen to give the Ads the 3-1 lead. Wilson gathered the puck in the slot and was skating towards the near side boards. He got just inside the near circle and flicked a backhanded shot that beat Allen on the far-side. Pretty impressive shot from Wilson and that goal took Allen off my 3 star balloting.

Oh, here’s Wilson on that goal too.

The Rivermen pulled Allen with just over 2 minutes left in the game for the extra attacker. That move paid a dividend as the Brett “I take dumb penalties” Sterling was able to stuff the puck home through Engren’s legs. The Rivermen even had a delayed penalty which probably would have been an interference call on Jon Blum…but the goal wiped that away like a windshield wiper wipes away a bug.  And smears it all over your windshield. And then you have to stop at a gas station because the windshield wiper fluid is out and you gotta use that squeegee that’s already more dirty than my window already was. Okay, maybe that wasn’t a great simile.  Hindsight.  I wish I could delete what I just wrote.  But you know, there’s no edit button on this thing.

That would be as close as the Rivermen would get as Atte and the D stayed strong in the final minute.


Kevin Henderson continues to do well.  And we may be able to remove that “PTO” status next to his name on the lineup card.  Here’s the coach.

Latta may be back this weekend.  He’s day-to-day.  Good to see Laakso and Van Guilder back out there, don’t you think?

Ok, Rockford comes to town Friday.  Roscoe garden gnome giveaway?  Count me in!  Oh, and the game.  Here’s what Coach is looking forward to.


Did you notice Ryan Thang tonight?  Is he getting better?

Engren’s win….was it more him being sharp, or more his defense only allowing 21 shots?

What was sweeter:  Kyle Wilson’s deke and goal on Evans, or Sammy Stephens’ dance moves?????

3 thoughts on “Ads FINALLY Beat A Team In Their Division!”

  1. I’m also trying to find out why Engren was pitchin’ a bitch about that goal…guy was nowhere near him and not even in the crease… Anywho, Brett Sterling…what a crybaby. Both of his dumb penalties in the 3rd were pretty obvious, but christ, with the way he cried you would have thought somebody just kicked his dog.

    Speaking of bitching, it’s my turn! I heard that damn “Charlie bit my finger” thing about 10 times, and didn’t hear “Friday” even once, unacceptable!

  2. Engren actually threw his stick down, hoping to draw the attention of a ref. From the top-down replay, it looked pretty funny, and maybe if he hadn’t lagged so much, he might have gotten away with it.

    Overall, the game was fast paced, and interesting to watch. Lots of fly-in-the-ointment type playing, constantly poking the puck from Peoria’s sticks. Peoria actually looked a lot like the Admirals earlier in the month, not being able to get anything going.

    Sammy Stephen’s moves? A couple tabs of Ex-lax would provide better moves than he’s got. And someone paid money to have him appear? Wow.

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