9 thoughts on “So…”

  1. didn’t even know about it until earlier today…I’m sure it was well advertised, just been busy lately. Haven’t been to one of them yet, kinda bummed…

  2. The boys were in good form and Aaron Sims always does a great job getting the crowd to bid for the PP Foundation. The t-shirt auction continues to amaze. Some shirts went for under a c-note, but then a bidding war for Victor Bartley’s ensued and brought in 3,300 dollars! The 50/50 raffle paid out like a good night at the BC, and the bid to play Twister with a shirtless Scott Valentine for a grand was a show stopper as well. I’m glad the wife has a digital camera now. The processing fee would have been insane if it was 35mm…

  3. This was the most successful Celebrity Serve the Admirals Crew Booster Club has planned EVER! Over $18,500 was raised. We are still tallying the total but that is our number right now. Major Goolsby’s staff basically works for free, the players work hard for tips and booster volunteers do it all. Ads had some great raffles and auction items. Good night for the Power Play Foundation.

  4. Had a wonderful time. The players were very approachable and warm. However, we did go with the sole purpose of having my daughter get her picture taken with Chris Mueller so she was quite disappointed to learn he was out of town. And then when she found out he didn’t even play! Thanks a lot Nashville!! Had a very upset little girl on our hands!

  5. $3300 for a T-shirt. Wow!!

    It was a fun evening, and it’s always good to get the chance to chat with the players away from their handlers. This type of event helps to break the barrier, and lets them just be themselves. From the look of things everyone there had a good time, and Major Goolsbys and the booster club put some good effort into making sure things go well. The only complaint would be when there is some kind of player contest. Unless you are willing to fight for a spot up front, there isn’t anything to see, as the crowd forms around the players and blocks viewing. But this would happen anywhere except an arena, I guess.

  6. It was a great night, I look forward to next year. The players were great and a lot of fun. Glad to be a part of this, a night I will remember (at least until next year)

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