Ads Fall Short Against Charlotte; Lose Another Division Game

The Admirals scoring woes continued against the first place Charlotte Checkers, but they were able to salvage a point in the standings in a 2-1 OT loss at the Bradley Center.  It’s their 10th straight loss against a division opponent.

Zac Dalpe scored the game winner, as he was all alone at the left doorstep, after a Justin Krueger shot from the point bounced off Jerome Samson.  Dalpe beat goaltender Atte Engren up high for the winner with 12.5 seconds left in the overtime period.

Here are three descriptions of the play.

Coach Herbers.

Scott Ford.

Atte Engren.

Obviously the offense couldn’t get on track, but Coach Herbers was happy with how the defense kept the Checkers in check for the most part.

The Checkers got on the board first.  A Nicolas Blanchard shot from the right point was saved by Engren, but he didn’t couldn’t find the puck.  Former Badger Sean Dolan did, as he was camped on the right doorstep, and he put it in to give the Checkers the 1-0 lead.

The Ads had a four minute power play late in the first period, but came away empty-handed.

With 1:15 left in the 2nd period, Kyle Wilson tied it up.  Joel Champagne created a turnover at center ice, and fed Ryan Thang at the blue line.  While the defensemen were focused on Thang, Kyle Wilson took a tap pass from Thang, split the D, and went in all alone on Muse.


New lines:

Beck – Mueller – Van Guilder
Champagne – Wilson – Thang
Henderson – Geoffrion – Puustinen
Dupont – Lajunen – Stortini

Blum & Ford, Laakso & Bartley, Sloan & Foss

– Kevin Henderson is the new guy.  And Coach Herbers talks about what he will hopefully be bringing to the team.

– Didn’t like the Blum and Ford pairing.  It’s great that Ford is a stay-at-home guy to compliment Blum, but he shouldn’t be the guy that has to bail out Blum multiple times every game.  Blum owes both Ford and Engren some steaks.

– Interesting seeing Van Guilder on a wing.

– I liked Stortini tonight.  The fight was kind of meh, but it was good that he went right away after the Checkers goal.  Sloan’s fight?  Didn’t see what happened behind the play to spark the fight, but I was pretty surprised to see #89 drop the gloves.

– Ryan Flynn remains day to day with his injury.

– Peoria comes to town Sunday Sunday Sunday.

So Roundtable….first game back from the Texas roadtrip…. give me the name of one guy that stood out in a good way, and one guy that stood out in a bad way.

17 thoughts on “Ads Fall Short Against Charlotte; Lose Another Division Game”

  1. Henderson looked pretty good for a first game with the Ads. Brought much more to the table than Koger has in his couple games, and I like Ian’s quote about him. He was great on the forecheck too.

    I’ll donate to buy Blums bus ticket to Cincy.

    Dupont…paging Brodie Dupont. Does he even play for the Admirals? He’s been here for what…10 games now? Totally invisible. I’ll gladly take Thuresson over him any day.

  2. Storts had one of the longest fights that I have ever seen. I only saw the Checkers player bumping Sloan behind the play along the blueline. Sloan didn’t want to fight, but the other guy gave him no choice. I didn’t see Sloan throw a punch, maybe he should have received 2 minutes for roughing, but the ref missed things all game. My favorite was Blake getting 2 minutes for high sticking the goalie when he was 8 feet away. The puck knocked off the goalies mask. Later, Muse tripped Blake in front of the ref and no call. So the phantom penalty was called and the real penalty was not.

    Good effort by the Admirals. I really liked the way that Charlotte played. Attacking the puck in all three zones, using lots of speed, passing well on the power play. Milwaukee needs to work on all three. Bartley was the best player on the ice tonight. He should have received a star. He played like the second coming of Bobby Orr in all three periods. He skated the puck up the ice but got back to play defense every time. He wasn’t out of position or allowed people to go by him with the puck, unlike some of the other D-men tonight. Valentine had some monster hits. The best one was bouncing the Checker off the center divider. That was nasty!

  3. Good – Bartley stood out for me.
    Bad – Blum. ‘Nuff said.

    The reply of that “high stick” sure did look like the puck hit the goalie’s mask, knocking it off. It sure didn’t look like Geoffrion hit him. But then again, Geoffrion nor any other Ads player seemed to argue the call so…???

  4. The good: I like Bartley’s energy, and he has a good head for the game. Ford put out some much needed extra energy tonight. I agree with MiB on Henderson as well. Really starting to like Champagne too. He’s bringing some much needed umpf to the table. Engren didn’t have a bad game tonight. He could have used some better help from his teammates.

    The bad: Sloan fighting- really. He couldn’t wait to hit the ice. Power plays sucked once again.

    The ugly: Blum. I’ll buy the bus.

  5. Hey Adsfan, I didn’t see a lot of warmups when Valentine was on the ice (and the only time Valentine was on the ice tonight) but who did he hit?

  6. Can we add a new term to the glossary? I’d like to start a petition to have the phrase “Dammit Blum!” added. Definition: Anytime a defensemen fails to hold the blue line when the puck is trickling up to them, and should easily be held.

    I must have yelled “Dammit Blum!” twice to Laakso just out of pure habit (in addition, I did say it 1-2 times when it did actually pertain to the correct player).

  7. MiB, I couldn’t see the Checkers number. He flew through the air backwards and hit the divider numbers first, then stepped into the bench. You are correct, it was Champagne #20 with the big hits, not Valentine #22. I should have realized that with Foss playing, Valentine was not.

    Bartley also had some good hits on Samson #17 in the third period. Nailed him twice on one shift. Samson had snow all over his uniform. He looked like one of those intermission contestants. Henderson also played okay, he was an improvement over Koger.

  8. Mark — great idea on the glossary add.
    Adsfan – Muse’s trip was pretty blatant. Not even hidden by a scrum in front of the net, and the ref was right there. Joe Sullivan isn’t one of our favorites.
    I’ll disagree about Dupont. I think he’s getting better….I don’t think he’s 100% percent, though. Well enough to play, not well enough to excel. I’d still much rather have him over Thuresson. We’re not questioning Dupont’s effort. Lajunen was okay last night, but I think that 36-24-21 line was pretty good in their role in general.

  9. Good-Henderson did impress me in game one for us, more hustle, and he was getting after it better than some of our regulars have all year.

    Bad- I’m in the camp with most of you with koisti… Wait ville doest wear 7? Yes my vote is for “#7” he just kept making poor choices with the pass.

    Quick game recap, they out worked us in frame one we made adjustments and wore down their lines in the 2nd act (and actually played good) and the third was a blow for blow scrappy final period each team not giving an inch. OT we got outta position and let engren down. It was nice to see us remain competitive vs a good team.

  10. “Dammit Blum” reminds me of one a few of us Stars fans have for any major D mistake: “Dan Spangit!” derived from Dan Spang’s incredulous prowess for turnovers.

  11. Chris Cahill suspended by the team. What’s the story there? If there’s a slot open in Cinci now, Blum should go there to help out.

  12. @ Just Me. I believe that a player who has signed an NHL contract cannot be sent down below the AHL level. So Blums plays in Nashville or Milwaukee or gets waived.

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