The AHL All Star (Chris Mueller) Classic

It could be argued that no playoff contending team has ever need a break in its midseason schedule more than the 2011-2012 Milwaukee Admirals.

Riding a four game losing streak and having dropped 10 of their past 13 games, Milwaukee is in despirate need of some positive news.

So far Admirals forward Chris Mueller is providing some in Atlantic City. Mueller led a winning leg of the Puck Control Relay, then smoked four targets in the Accuracy Shooting competition before missing his breakaway chance in the final event.

All in all Mueller help the West post an 18-10 win over the East in a competition that wasn’t that close. Mueller will look to provide more magic in tonight’s All-Star game, which will be broadcast live in Milwaukee on Time Warner Sports 32.

For those of you, like me, who don’t live in Milwaukee, good luck trying to watch the game. Here are the listings, but I have yet to find it even tape delayed anywhere in Madison.

So Roundtable . . . Any predictions for Mueller’s performance tonight? Will you be watching/listening or do all-star games bore you to death?

5 thoughts on “The AHL All Star (Chris Mueller) Classic”

  1. The skills competitions at all star events of any sport are way more entertaining than the actual games. If I got paid or was my job to watch the game, I would watch it.

  2. I know one guy who won’t be watching: Jon Blum. He’s too busy soaking in the California sun, getting massages and playing with friends. Maybe the time away from teammates and the game will help him improve his terrible +/-. If there’s one guy who needs to hit “reset” during the break, it’s Blum.

  3. For Nashville/Milwaukee’s sake, Blum needs a serious break. The best thing for him might be to not think about hockey for awhile.
    His year reminds me a lot of Brian McCabe a few years back with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Had a breakout year then fell off the map. Blum was one of Nashville’s impact players in 2010-2011, but he seems to have regressed significantly.

  4. I wonder what kind of support structure Blum has around him. Geoffrion seems to have a healthy attitude, but he comes from a rich history of hockey. He’s been dealing with injury, but he seems to be well grounded, humble, and says the right things. For some reason, even though his play has not been there, I feel confident Geoffrion will bounce back, especially once he gets the injury bug behind him. I just don’t see that with Blum. I worry for the guy. Something is just not right there.

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