Ads Skid Continues With 2-1 Loss To Wolves

It was largest crowd since April 14th, 2006.

It was the 2nd largest crowd since they joined the AHL.

It was the 7th largest crowd in franchise history.

It was their 17th regulation loss of the year.

The Admirals gave up a pair of first period goals, and couldn’t claw back into the game to get the equalizer, as the Wolves dropped the Admirals 2-1 Friday night in front of 17,386 customers.

Don’t want to read anymore?  Here’s a summary of the game from Coach Herbers.

Coach talked about lost battles and not sealing guys off, but the thing that jumped out at me on the two Chicago goals was that Jeremy Smith was doing a lot of sliding around.   And when the puck bounced a couple of odd ways, there wasn’t any way he was going to be back in position.  That first goal that Reinprecht scored will be one of the easiest of his career.

It really was a different game after the first period.  The Wolves only had nine shots on net the rest of the way, and the Ads put 23 on Wolves goalie Matt Climie.  The different in those two periods?  Matt Climie.  Climie moves to 5-1 on the season against the Admirals.

Here’s the one shot that DID get past Climie.

– LINES….at least how they started….

Geoffrion – Mueller – Beck
Champagne – Wilson – Thang
Dupont – Lajunen – Flynn
Koger – Van Guilder – Stortini

Meet 6’2 winger Daniel Koger!  Called up today with Juuso Puustinen on the shelf as a scratch.  Koger has five goals and ten assists in 19 games with the Cyclones in the ECHL.  It’s his third PTO of the year, after playing three games with St. Johns, and five games with Providence.  Here’s coach on Koger’s debut, and some expected vagueness about Puustinen.

I didn’t care for Geoffrion in his first game back from the injury, but Coach liked his game.  He thought he was good on both ends, and had a good week of practice this week.

So this is a slump, eh?  I’m sure the coach is tired of us asking about it, but I think he’s sincere in his optimism that we’ll be okay soon.

Ryan Thang says something along the same lines.

Fun facts:  The Predators were 15-14-4 with Jon Blum in their lineup.  They are 15-2 without him.

Okay.  Tomorrow in Rockford, and then it’s the All-Star break.  The schedule-makers did us a favor by having Rockford play in Charlotte tonight.  So with a gameday travel day tomorrow for the IceHogs, maybe the Ads can have a leg up.  And the Flames did us a favor by trading for All-Star defenseman Brian Connelly.  So that may help.  But don’t look now…the IceHogs are just three points behind the Admirals in the standings (having played four more games, though).

See you in Rockford tomorrow.  But feel free to leave your thoughts of the game in the comments section.

4 thoughts on “Ads Skid Continues With 2-1 Loss To Wolves”

  1. Blake played well. So did Blum. Koger held his own. Climie played very well. Chicago clogged the slot, packed the goal and didn’t allow any transition by the Admirals. Chicago just played better in the first period and that was the difference.

  2. Blake was average at best. Blum was ok but his bad play in the corner was the start of the Wolves first goal.The Wolves forced the Admirals to keep the puck on the perimeter and did a good job blocking most shooting lanes. Although the Ads had 31 shots, many of those were weak. We did have some good scoring opportunities but a majority of the shots were from the blue line or tight angles with no traffic near Climie.

  3. Shoot. I was hoping they could get a nice W in front of a packed house to win over a few more fans.
    At least it seems that Thang may have broken out of his slump. Two straight games, two goals. We need consistent scoring from someone other than Mueller now that Latta is out of the lineup.
    I like Wilson as a center as we talked about before but the problem with that is that he no longer plays on a line with Mueller and they seemed to be developing some nice chemistry. Geoffrion does nothing for me on that first line. Wish we could get a lights-out line like we had last year with Bourque/Mueller/Thang. Maybe once Latta comes back he, Mueller and Beck can get going. When does he come back?
    I am worried that Herbers is not the guy for the job. They all seemed to be playing better at the beginning of the year under Muller. Coincidence?
    Hopefully after a little rest they can get back on track after the break.

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