4 thoughts on “Defensemen”

  1. Something key to consider is that it will be someone that plays the left side. Nashville is down to just one left defenseman (Jack Hillen) with Ryan Suter and Francis Bouillon potentially out. Klein, Josi, Ellis, and Weber all play on the right side naturally, although Josi and Klein have both been playing the left side being paired together the past dozen games or so…

  2. Victor Bartley – Has played very well and has been the most consistent . I do not believe Nashville will call-up another rookie . Jon Blum will get the call .

  3. 1 Laakso. Has experience, knows the Nashville system and has been consistant since getting sent down.

    2 Bartley. Smart player, has earned a shot in the show.

    3 Blum. Hasn’t proved anything since getting sent down, not worthy of a recall

    4 Sloan. Isn’t he dinged up too?

    This is a moot point because Suter was ready to go for last nights game but Trotz decided to hold him out, and several places suggested he i s ready to go for Monday

  4. Bartley deserves the call but as someone else said, I doubt they’d call up a rookie at this point. I voted Blum.

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