Revisiting a Future Outdoor Game–A Spectulation

Last season, I kicked around the idea of Milwaukee being involved in an outdoor game at Miller Park as part of a double header with the Wisconsin Badgers.

Though nothing is imminent, rumors of a third Wisconsin outdoor game at Milwaukee have been discussed over the past few years. Considering the current trend of multiple games played at an outdoor rink, it would only seem natural that an Admirals game would be played at Miller Park as well.

But putting that speculative idea aside for another, the NHL is still crossing over some hurdles to put together next season’s Winter Classic–planned to be held in Ann Arbor at Michigan Stadium. The two teams involved will most likely be the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs.

Plans for a second outdoor rink in Detroit’s Comerica Park are also being discussed in order to ensure the week long celebration around the game has its focus in the Motor City. However a tenant for the games to be held there remains a mystery.

The Great Lakes Invitational College Hockey tournament seems best suited for the plan, considering it is usually held at Joe Louis Arena every year around the same time. A couple of other options would be an AHL tuneup game involving Grand Rapids, or an OHL game involving one of the area’s local teams (Plymouth, Windsor, Saginaw or Sarnia).

The only reason why I bring this up is that this weekend marks the AHL’s Outdoor game involving Hamilton and Toronto. Considering the teams and the interest level in the area (NHL Network is now broadcasting it), this event should be a huge success.

So Roundtable . . . If Grand Rapids were to take the plunge and join the ranks of Outdoor Game teams (especially at a game held in Ann Arbor),  would Milwaukee fit as an opponent? Would you be willing make the trip east to go watch? What is your interest level in an Outdoor Admirals game at Miller Park?

4 thoughts on “Revisiting a Future Outdoor Game–A Spectulation”

  1. I’d go to a Miller Park game just for the experience. I may go to a game in Michigan if I was free on the date and the Admirals were playing. Aside from that, I’m not to thrilled about an outdoor game, at least in a baseball stadium. For the Winter Classic, lots of people were posting pictures of their view on Twitter. Because the seating in a baseball stadium is so far away from the rink (in general), you could hardly see anything. I’d rather go to a game where I can see.

    So overall, I’d go to an outdoor game once to experience it, and then that’s it.

  2. Outdoor game is an excellent experience. Even with a bad viewing angle it is an awesome environment with the right weather. Light snow like it was in Philly this year or even a little heavier snow like it was in Buffalo makes for an awesome environment. Not a bad tailgate experience either.

    I’m thinking about trying to go to Ann Arbor regardless next year no matter who is in the game. I think they would be foolish not to accompany the NHL game with a Michigan vs Michigan State hockey game.

  3. We went to the WI/MI game at Camp Randall two years ago. We couldn’t see a damn thing from the horrible angle of our seats, but it was still an awesome experience and the crowd atmosphere was like no other. I would definitely go again if it were nearby (Milwaukee, Madison, Lambeau). I don’t think I’d go out of state unless it was Nashville, or is the Admirals were invited.

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