Bourque Exits Stage Right As The Next Call-up

Ah, the fun of being the developmental affiliate.

Yesterday it was Ryan Ellis.  Today it’s Gabriel Bourque getting the recall, and he may make his debut tomorrow night against the Minnesota Wild.

I’ve been away from the Internet for most of the day, so the news probably has made the rounds already… but Dave Boehler’s blog is where I saw it first, so I’ll credit him!

I’m very excited to see Bourque get the chance.  My hope is that he’ll have some nice linemates to play with, and he’ll actually be on the ice for more than 3:42.

Will Bourque be missed here?  Absolutely.  Recently playing on a line with Mark Van Guilder and Ryan Flynn, Bourque added an element of speed to go along with the other blue collars on that line.  And he hasn’t been one to shy away from making a hit either.

While playing well overall recently, he hadn’t been on the scoresheet much before last night’s 3-assist affair.  He had just a goal and an assist in his previous 8 games.  But we all remember what an amazing second half and post-season he had last year, leading the way with five goals in the opening series against the Texas Stars.  And perhaps the biggest goal of his career, he scored the game-tying goal with five seconds left in regulation of game 5 in Texas.  The Admirals went on to win that one on a Ryan Thang score in OT.

Best of luck to Gabriel…hope he puts on a good show at the big show.

We’ll see if Joel Champagne will be ready to go to reclaim his spot on the Van Flynder line.  If he’s not, who would you like to see on the wing?


6 thoughts on “Bourque Exits Stage Right As The Next Call-up”

  1. I love me some Gabriel Bourque but I did not see this one coming. At all. I thought he was having a really slow/off year so far. I know he has been quite feisty and pesky but that struck me more as venting frustration for his lack of production than anything else. I don’t get this move. Was expecting Mueller to go back up if needed or a Christmas miracle for Van Gilder but not Bourque. Maybe the Predators are just cycling up all their forwards that were close to making the team at the start of the year?

  2. I’ve gotta go with Griffin on this one. Last year he hit a stride and did well, but it looks like this year the sophomore slump has got him shackled. You can almost feel the frustration in him. He’s definitely strengthened the physical aspect of his game, but one has to believe that MVG or Mueller should have gotten the nod. Go figure…

  3. Has there been any talk as to when Brodie Dupont will make his debut? His past stats indicate that he’s a blue collar worker, also does Bourque’s callup indicate a Nashville injury or is it possibly Geoffrion returning to get some needed playing time?

  4. Geoffrion needs to play more, so that move makes sense. I also think Bourque needed a spark this year. Perhaps this was the organization’s way of doing that. Let’s remember a couple things: First, Bourque is coming off wrist surgery, so he may not be 100% (as he was playing pretty hurt at the end of last year). Second, Lambert surely put in a good word for Bourque in Nashville. Lane’s seen what the guy can do, which at times is great.

    Call ups can’t be just about who’s playing best. Some of those call ups are strategic, as well.

  5. Bourque has played pretty well since Kirk Muller’s last game. His check forced a turnover and led to a goal. Nashville called here looking for some toughness in the corners and a hard forechecker. Bourque will provide that. Mueller, Wilson, et. al. don’t. Still waiting for Van Guilder to get a NHL deal. Geoffrion needs to get faster and harder to play consistently at the next level. Coaches see him skating too many loops on the ice…that’s not good.

    Dupont is scheduled to return Jan. 13.

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