Ellis Promoted

Welcome back from your winter break.  Did you have a nice time?  That’s great.  Good for you.

Back to work this week.  And we were greeted today with the news that defenseman Ryan Ellis was recalled to the Nashville Predators.

Good for him.

That’s really the nicest thing I have to say about it.

Shea Weber is out after leaving the morning skate early, and Kevin Klein is questionable recovering from flu-like symptoms, with the Preds set to entertain the Red Wings tonight.

I’m surprised that Ellis got the call.  You’d think for a stop-gap replacement for a game tonight against Detroit, you may want a guy with some size (Sloan), who has some NHL experience (Sloan), and who will be able to keep things simple (Sloan).  Or maybe a guy who has been pretty consistent on both sides of the ice (Bartley).

Calling up Ellis?  Makes a nice story.  But I am of the opinion that he needs some more seasoning.

Nevertheless…congrats Ryan Ellis.  If he skates tonight, I hope his debut is a good one.

11 thoughts on “Ellis Promoted”

  1. Of course, right out of the gate, he puts on a nice hit that earns him time in the box. The interesting thing is that he actually stopped someone, and didn’t bounce!

    So far he’s been a body to fill a uniform. He hasn’t gotten ballsy enough to try some scoring, which is about all he’s good for. And before I get beaten up for being negative, he is, of course, a DEFENSEMAN.

    Happy Boxing Day to one and all..

  2. Congrats to Ellis!!! Great to see him debuting against a team that has supported him over the years! Windsor and Detroit are minutes apart and the Red Wings fans have always been supporters of the Spitfires. Betting he has a warm and supportive greeting from the fans there. Proud to be a fan of Ryan tonight!

  3. Ouch, your compliment sort of sounded like a criticism. Oh wait, it was. Be happy for the guy and wish him well. All he can do is prove himself.

  4. Windor, you need to drive to Milwaukee and watch him play in a few games here before you criticize others who criticize him. HE DIDNT DESERVE THE CALL UP. It’s the truth. Glad he did good up with Nashville, but he wasnt that great here.

  5. Ellis is the future in Nashville. He’s young on a young team. I’m happy as hell he got the call. It will give him the hunger to get back of there ASAP. His play is decent. While others have played a little better, he is a first round pick and thus gets the nod when all things are nearly equal.
    I predict that his play will elevate in the second half of the season, and we in Milwaukee will be sad to see him go. In a couple of years we’ll tell our kids that we seen him play when he was green.

  6. Taylor, I don’t believe I criticized anyone. Clearly the Preds thought he deserved the call up and he was pretty solid. Hope he stays there. I’ve seen Ellis play more times than you ever will and I doubt his skill and play has decreased to the level you claim here.

  7. Hey Windsor fan, have you considered that you saw him playing at a level against inferior competition to what he saw in Milwaukee, and certainly what he will see in the NHL? His skills don’t have to diminish for him not to be anywhere near as dominant a player as you may have seen. I can point to plenty of college football stars who are now CFL flunkies. It happens. I can tell you that I, too, have seen Ellis play in Milwaukee. And I, too, can tell you that he’s not been very good at all. I certainly do not think he deserved to get called up based on pure talent. I believe he was called up so that Nashville can see how he’s progressing and to give him a taste of what he needs to do to get there more permanently. I will also tell you that unless Ellis decides to grow another foot or so, he’s really small for an NHL player. So his skills better be lights out or he’ll be a permanent AHL player. See Darren Haydar (who is bigger than Ellis!).

  8. It’s the same old story. He is a high-draft pick so he jumps other, more deserving people with regard to call-ups. Same thing with the forwards. Geoffrion is up there despite barely proving himself down here while Mueller and Van Gilder get passed over. The NHL is not fair and anyone who thinks call-ups are performance-based is delusional.

  9. Same could have been said about Blum last season. I don’t think any of use expected him to get the NHL call up late last season over Johnson, Laakso, or maybe even Palin, but it worked, and he’s been playing better in the NHL than he was at the AHL. Doesn’t make any sense to me, but I don’t get paid to make those decisions. I would have thought Sloan, Bartley, and Laakso (not in any specific order) deserved a call up over Ellis. If it were on an emergency basis for an injury, Laakso wouldn’t have to clear waivers again, as long as they return him as soon as Weber returns, so that wouldn’t deter them from selecting him. So good for Ellis, I hope he plays well with Nashville and brings something back with him…. Or keep him and give us Josi back :)

    Windsor, yes, you have seen him a lot more than any of us, and we realize the great things he did with the Spitfires. We’ve seen all the stats and we were very excited to have him here, but he hasn’t shown us anything that great (or even that good for that matter) yet. All we have to go off of is what we’ve seen out of him in Milwaukee so far, and in the end, that’s all that really matters. We’re not going to win games based on his junior league stats, only if he can find a way to get those same numbers here in the AHL.

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