The New NHL

(image yoinked from the Puck Daddy story)

Penny for your thoughts?  Do you care?  Do you hope they bring back Patrick, Adams, Norris, and Smythe?  Think Detroit fans should be happy?  Think Tampa Bay and Florida stick out like sore thumbs in that division?  Think it’s silly that they’re calling them “Conferences” instead of “Divisions?”  I haven’t seen anything about a crossover rule yet (although I may have missed it) ….do you think they’ll need one?

One thought on “The New NHL”

  1. Adding Dallas will make it more difficult for the Preds to get to the playoffs, especially with Chicago no longer being run into the ground and the always contending Red Wings. The Wild is a breakeven and Winnipeg should be scheduled for 20 games a season against the Preds.

    The conference line-up leaves room for relocation or expansion to 32 teams in the future. I can see Phoenix moving to Hamilton or QC in C. Seattle or Winnipeg in A. KC in B. We will see about the crossover.

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