Ian Herbers In Charge, Marty Gelinas To Be Temporary Assistant Coach

We’ll have more coverage on this later, but the Admirals confirmed some things at an afternoon press conference.

1.  Ian Herbers is the new head coach.  There isn’t an “interim” status — he’s the man.  And at this stage of the season, there really is no better candidate for the job.

2.  Marty Gelinas will act as a temporary assistant coach, which I think is a GREAT idea.  I think he’ll be great in this role…He is, of course, the Director of Player Development for the Predators.  So there’s already a strong relationship there between this young team and a mentor.

Again, I’ll write some more stuff later, but be sure to tune into the Admirals Center Ice Radio Show on Sportsradio 1250 tonight.  Listen online at sportsradio1250.com .  Coach Herbers will be on the show, as will Asst GM Paul Fenton, Captain Scott Ford, and analyst Darren Pang, who should have some good insight on what has been quite the day for HR offices in the NHL.

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