Preds Officially Recall Josi, Cut Ties With Bergfors

Previously on Admirals Roundtable….

Roman Josi was playing some good hockey for the Admirals.  And Niclas Bergfors had cleared waivers and was assigned to the Admirals.

Michael Latta’s twitter page yesterday foreshadowed a promotion for Josi, and the Preds came through this morning with an official press release.  Roman Josi is your newest Nashville Predator, and he is currently the 8th defenseman on the roster. (Teemu Laakso is currently on injured reserve).

I doubt that they’d make this move if Josi wasn’t going to play.  So that leaves Jack Hillen and Teemu Laakso as odd men out.  I don’t expect that the Preds will be interested in carrying 8 defensemen for very long, so how is the next shoe going to drop?  Both Hillen and Laakso are on two-way deals, but require waivers.

Assignment to Milwaukee?
One of them gets picked up on waivers?

We’ll probably find out on our next episode….


Niclas Bergfors, as Vlad pointed out in the previous post, was placed on unconditional waivers yesterday.  Today he cleared, and that should be the end of his relationship with the Nashville Predators organization.

Not sure what prompted the the unconditional waivers…maybe the Preds didn’t want to pay him big bucks to play in Milwaukee, maybe he pitched a fit about a minor league assignment, maybe they didn’t want to mess with the chemistry of the team down here with a guy who couldn’t or wouldn’t play the scheme….whatever the reason, you can cancel your Niclas Bergfors jersey order now.  (speaking of jerseys…there are some Black Friday discounts over at the Ads website…may be worth your time.)

David Poile has made some good under-the-radar free agent signings over the years, but this wasn’t one of them.  Still, credit the team for addressing it in November instead of March.

2 thoughts on “Preds Officially Recall Josi, Cut Ties With Bergfors”

  1. Congrats to roman josi he has been hard working since his arrivial in america and has fought through many injuries to get this promotion so its nice to see. I feel they (nashville) will trade either hillen but most likely laakso for a bag chips and a conditional 8th rd pick to let’s say…. Florida… Seems like they have knack for ex admirals. And that will free up some ice time for josi to get his feet wet. Meanwhile in brew city we will be ok on the blue line still young and scrappy but having scotty valentine out there will add a physical side to our d-men. Its a great time for a guy like v-bart to really step up and take some quality minutes and start showing what he can do. Should be an interesting two game vs checkers let’s snag the points and keep the streak goin’ go Ads!!!!

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