Veterans Day / 11-11-11 Day

Happy Veterans Day.  Even though this post is going to be a fluff piece, let’s not forget how important it is to recognize those who have served in any way in any of the Armed Forces.  To those who served (including my father, who was a Marine), the words “thank you” really don’t seem like enough. But thank you.

Okay.  On to the fluff now.

Happy 11-11-11 day.  Raise a glass to all of the guys who have worn #11 for your Milwaukee Admirals over the years.  If you have any good stories about some of the older guys on the list, we’d love to hear them.

(For all of your uniform number questions, please visit the wonderful resource that is

Chris Cahill
Mark Santorelli
John Vigilante
Kevin Ulanski
Paul Brown
Raitis Ivanans
Greg Koehler
Marc Moro
Jason Cipolla
Steve Tuttle
Richard Zemlak
Eric Murano
Terry Menard
Dwaine Hutton
Tim Loven
Jeff Larmer
Rick Dorman
Doug Robb
Don Madson
Jean Trottier
Yves Bernier
Mike Tardani
Paul Doud

3 thoughts on “Veterans Day / 11-11-11 Day”

  1. Ryan,
    Out of the older players the one that comes to mind for me is Jeff Larmer, younger brother of former NHLer Steve Larmer. Until I saw that list I forgot that Steve even had a brother and that they even played together briefly for the Blackhawks (had to check Hockeydb to make sure that one). I remembered Jeff being a pretty solid player and scorer, and I guess my memory serves me right: He once scored 21 goals in a season for the New Jersey Devils, and he had a 31-goal and 65-point year in Milwaukee in 1992-1993.

  2. Aaron Sims shared a great Paul Brown story the other night on the radio show. A few years ago about 2 weeks into the playoffs, PB was razzing Cal O’Reilly and asking the young Cal O’Reilly why he wasn’t growing a playoff mustache….Cal replied and said that he was trying really hard, it just wasn’t happening. The whole bus cracked up.

    Not gonna lie, I miss Vigi though….kid had grit.

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