The Power Play

At the Admirals home opener, we were treated to a power play that went 3/3 with the man-advantage.

Since then, they’ve converted just one power play into a goal.

For the season, it’s 4 goals on 27 chances for a 14.8% success rate.

At this point, it’s one of those stats that I can make sound really bad, or not so bad at all.

It’s the least amount of power play goals scored by any team in the league.  Okay, that doesn’t sound so great.

But their current ranking is 21st out of 30 teams.  They’ve had the least power play opportunities in the league too.  The Adirondack Phantoms have had the most in the league with 62 chances.  Although they’ve played in two more games than the Admirals, it’s kind of nuts that they’ve had more than twice the chances the Ads have had.

And the Milwaukee power play percentage?  Better than the Wolves, who are at 11.9% (5-for-42).  Also better than the Rampage, and the defending Calder Cup champs from Binghamton.

Is the power play broken?  That depends on what you look for in the power play.  Here’s what Coach Muller thinks.

So according to him, he’s not as unhappy about the power play because they’re getting chances.  They just need to be better at finishing.  Coffee is for closers.

So Roundtable, what do you think?  Do you determine whether a power play is broken strictly by success rate, or that in conjunction with whether or not they’re getting decent chances?

6 thoughts on “The Power Play”

  1. I think the success rate is important, yet that can be misleading when the cumulative effect of the goals are not factored in. The Admirals are 5-2 and that leads me to believe that the futility has not impacted them greatly. Yet the two losses came when the other teams were able to capitalize on Admirals penalty kills and the Admirals failed. I think the next three games will show the Ads true colors. If they can rebound on the PP they will be fine, if not, then we will have a difficult go of it.
    Go Ads!

  2. Success rate is important but it’s not the set standard to judge a power play IMO. The Admirals have been relatively good on the PP, especially when compared to last year. We’ve controlled the puck in the offensive zone well, just haven’t finished. In past years we were lucky to set up for more than 10 seconds with the dump and chase. Our units are making excellent passes and setting up plays on the PP very well, we just haven’t capitalized. It’ll come.

  3. The PP is like a rollercoaster. It naturally goes up and down during a season. Just beat Chicago 9 more times and I won’t care how well the PP works!

  4. well i think in the first game chris mueller was on the power play, havent seen him out as much, was wodnering why, what we seen is that chris can pass and score

  5. I like the way you posed your question, Ryan: “… or that in conjunction with whether or not they’re getting decent chances?” Aren’t they supposed to be ‘creating’ chances?

    If the object of the PP is to take advantage of it and score, and you consistently don’t score, then it’s broken and needs fixing.

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