Dave Boehler’s New Admirals Blog

Hey you!  Web-savvy person who likes the Admirals!

The Journal-Sentinel has decided to give our good friend Dave Boehler his own Admirals blog at JSOnline.  You should go there, you should bookmark it, and make it part of your daily reading.

This is awesome for a plethora of reasons.  Among them…

1)  Dave is the man.  He’s a great writer, and he’s one of our favorite people, even if he does like Coldplay a little more than the rest of us.

2)  More high quality Admirals coverage.  That’s a good thing, right?

3)  It’ll be fun to watch how quickly the comments sections of his posts will turn political, just like every other story on JSOnline.  The story will be about how Zach Stortini  left the game with a cut under his eye, and then the comments will find a way to turn it into a pro or anti Obamacare rant.  Or maybe it’ll be a story about an amazing 4-3 come from behind victory over the hated (but certainly not feared) Chicago Wolves, and someone will call Ryan Ellis a “union thug”.  Have fun with the comment moderating, Dave!

No, seriously, we’re delighted that Dave will have a more active role in coverage, and that the paper is giving him more space to do stuff.  There isn’t going to be a rivalry between our blogs…unless all the focus testing comes back suggesting that we start some Andy Kaufman – Jerry Lawler kind of schtick.  But I don’t think it’ll come to that.  I think both of the blogs will have something unique to contribute.

So sincerely, read his blog, comment on his posts, and keep the online conversations going about our favorite team.

To celebrate the launch of his blog, here’s a hastily thrown together Q&A, with the man…the myth…the legend, Mr. Dave Boehler….  He’s very busy tonight getting stuff together for the blog, but was cool enough to send back a few quick text messages.

AR:  So, is this to get back at me for something I did?  Because I’m not apologizing.

DB:  No apology necessary.

AR:  Was the blog your idea or the paper’s idea?

DB:  My idea.

AR:  Are you going to have the freedom to be opinionated and write what you really think?

DB:  Yes. Except for the answers to these questions.

AR:  What do you think of Coach Muller so far?

DB: As far as dealing with us media, I think he’s more laid back and willing to joke around a bit in his press conferences. Of course, I haven’t talked to him after blowing a five-goal lead yet.

AR:  Do you have a favorite Admirals moment since you started covering the team?

DB:  Any pre-game meal with steak fajitas. A close second would be covering the team in Austin last season in the playoffs.

AR:  Give the Roundtable readers your best sell as to why they should frequent your new blog.

DB:  Because they’ve asked for more coverage, and now they’ve got it.

AR:  You aren’t declaring war on us, are you?  Because that’d make things REALLY awkward in press row.  The DJ guy (Geoff Taylor) would have to keep us separated. 

DB:  Never.

AR: What’s your favorite Coldplay song, or do you just celebrate their entire catalog?

DB:  “Us Against The World” from their new CD (out this past Tuesday) is a must-listen. As far as favorites go, “The Scientist,” “Fix You,” and “Viva La Vida” are up there. And yes, I saw the “40 Year Old Virgin” movie.

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