Story on Coach Muller

Here’s a link to a story in the Montreal Gazette about Kirk Muller.  I thought it was very nicely done.  You might like it too.  Check it out.

As a postscript to the Mike Keane story Kirk tells…I can add that Mike Keane was down in the hallway leading to the locker room after the game, which is where we do our postgame  interviews.  So we’re grilling the coach after the big 4-1 opening night win (because that’s what we do….or not), and in the middle of the media session, Keane comes in and holds out his cell phone alongside our recorders, and just starts nodding along with the answers that Kirk is giving.  Kirk is so focused on questions that he doesn’t realize it’s Keane until about 10 seconds after it was over.  And then it was smiles everywhere.

Anyway….it was a neat moment.

That’s my story.  The end.

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