The Road Streak

First off, I’m not jinxing anything.  We’ve been talking about this streak for months now.  And if they lose tonight, we’ll move on.  Abbotsford is a good team.

But let’s talk about the road streak.

The last time the Admirals lost a regular season road game in regulation was January 13th, 2011, in Manitoba.  It’s been 18 straight road games with at least a point in the standings.

The date is pretty jaw-dropping, but for some perspective, note that the Admirals had played 60% of the road schedule with that game.  From mid-January through the end of the regular season, the Admirals had just 16 of their 39 remaining games on the road.  Even with that grain of salt, it’s nothing short of amazing, and an AHL record.

Breaking down those 18 games…

– 12 wins
– 4 OT losses
– 2 shootout losses
– 30 of a possible 36 points.
– Outscoring opponents 60-39 (although, 2 of those 39 are the goals awarded for the shootout wins)
– 6-2-1 against playoff teams last season….(and 8-2-1 if you’re the Hockey News and you want to count the wins against Peoria and Chicago this year)
– 6-2 in Illinois
– 3-1-2 in Texas/Oklahoma City
– 2-1 in Canada
– 1-0 in Michigan
– Longest streak of wins:  5 games, from January 29th – February 23rd.  There weren’t consecutive road wins the rest of the season, but they won their final road game in April, and have won the first two this season.  So the current streak is 3 games.

We’ll see if they can extend it tonight.

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