Milwaukee Welcomes Back Zack Stortini with Open Arms

News out of Nashville today is that Zack Stortini cleared waivers and has been assigned to the Milwaukee Admirals.

Nashville’s loss is Milwaukee’s gain as the Admirals add a player with 257 games of NHL experience, including 14 goals and 27 assists.  In Stortini, the Admirals add grit and tenacity, as 725 minutes in penalties at the NHL level can attest.  Other than his penalty minutes, the other statistic that stands out for Stortini is that he was a plus player in two of his last four seasons with struggling Edmonton Oilers (+3 in 2009-10 and +3 in 2007-08).

The 26-year-old was also a key cog for the first year Oklahoma City Barons last spring, playing in 29 AHL games, while helping the rookie franchise reach the playoffs.  He also has 37 games of experience skating for the Admirals during the 2005-06.

This season Stortini suited up for one game with Nashville, racking up seven PIMs in just under five minutes of ice time.  One would expect that amount to rise with Milwaukee.

So Roundtable, How will you welcome back Zack Stortini?

10 thoughts on “Milwaukee Welcomes Back Zack Stortini with Open Arms”

  1. Based on the lines from Saturday:

    Thang – Mueller – Bourque
    Wilson – Lajunen – Puustinen
    Champagne – Van Guilder – Beck
    Cahill – Latta – Flynn

    I think I’d put Stortini with MVG and Champagne, drop Beck to that 4th line so he can reunite with Latta, and scratch Cahill.

  2. I think he sits in the presser.

    Move Champagne back to his natural center position and have him center Latta and Beck and move that to the 3rd line.

    Then if you want to play the slowest 4th line frontend we can put together, put Van Guilder with Flynn and Stortini.

  3. i think that was the worst move they could do with chet. unless he is going down to cincy to get playing time b/c i cant see engren playing more then maybe 20 games all year if he is even here all season. i would not let engren play that much. smith is going to carry us back to the playoffs like last year when dex got hurt.

  4. I’m sure thats the point of sending Chet to Cincy is give him games, and keep him fresh. He won’t get any better by opening a door all season. Smith 80%/Engren 20%

  5. This team has lacked real grit for some time. Ford is not a fighter. Kelsey had lost a step (or 3) last season. We just have not had tough , gritty teams. Our skill players have been pushed around for at least 2 or 3 years now. I think a guy like Stortini will make opponents think twice about their checks and aggressive play. That’s all our guys need. The offense seems to be there. Our skill guys actually have skills. Smith is a good net minder. The D is talented. All we lack is toughness. If Stortini brings that, we seem to have a pretty complete team. Amazing.

  6. Last year lots of people were complaining about the lack of toughness (myself included). Several teams last year often crashed our net and even ran into our goaltender. Perhaps with this addition, we will see less of that this year :)

  7. Taylor: Storts will be fighting mostly middleweights and & players, versus his 250+ games of NHL experience. He will probably win 70% of his fights. Anything over 50% is gravy. He can score too.

  8. Mr. Stortini was the first hockey player I ever met…. I was in Nashville, he was with the Oilers, and we ended up at the same bar after a game. Incredibly nice guy… total goon on the ice, and not a lot to look at, but he plays with a lot of passion. I’m kind of jealous you have Zack Attack!

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