Nashville claims Brian McGrattan; waives Zack Stortini

The Nashville Predators have claimed veteran tough guy Brian McGrattan from the Anaheim Ducks.

Starting in 2005-06, McGrattan has played in 182 games with Ottawa, Phoenix and Calgary, racking up 395 penalty minutes along with 14 points (three goals, 11 assists).  Last season McGrattan split time between Providence and Syracuse of the American Hockey League, notching 15 points and 153 minutes in penalties in 59 games.  The 30-year-old forward did make the Ducks opening night lineup this season, but had yet to play in a regular season game.

To clear space for McGrattan, the Predators placed Zack Stortini on waivers.  If Stortini clears, he will likely be assigned to Milwaukee, returning to the team he played 37 games for during the 05-06 season.  Stortini saw one game of NHL action this year for Nashville, racking up 7 PIMs.

However, with Stortini’s favorable contract, there will likely be interest from another NHL team looking to add a little bit of toughness.

10 thoughts on “Nashville claims Brian McGrattan; waives Zack Stortini”

  1. Don’t understand this move. Do the Preds need to waste a roster spot on a one-dimensional fighter? Stortini actually could skate and contribute on his shifts. McGratton can fight, and that’s about it? If he clears, who sits to make room for him, cause I assume he won’t be benched, he’ll be given ice time here…

  2. If a team is looking for a pure enforcer, McGrattan is the obvious choice as one of the toughest players in the league, but I agree that Stortini offers a lot more options for a coach. Besides, Stortini had a pretty decent camp with Nashville, otherwise he would not have made the initial roster.
    Strange doings indeed.

  3. That one dimensional fighter you mentioned Creed has better offense than Zack does and won’t get himself 5 minutes for hugging an opponent to death or trying to club him with a forearm.

    McGrattan is a way better deterrent on the ice to keep your forwards from getting manhandled than Stortini ever will be. Storts got knocked down in his only regular season fight by Ryan Reaves of all people. The same Reaves who I heard Kelsey Wilson say, “was the biggest tool in the league”, when with Peoria.

    We’ll see how much Zack can keep up and contribute here when he falls through waivers.

  4. I agree with Brian. Hockey people may respect Storts, but most are afraid of McGrattan. Check out a few of his AHL or NHL fights on YouTube.

  5. BrianTheAdsFan in July: “I’m kind of pumped with the Kyle Wilson and Zack Stortini signings…”

    What happened over the last few months to change that tune? I’m not trying to pick on you, but I’m interested to know what changed your perception. Is it that you just like McGrattan that much more?

  6. McGrattan and Stortini don’t even compare in terms of toughness….i’m sure he just likes McGrattan that much more

  7. “That one dimensional fighter you mentioned Creed has better offense than Zack does”

    Really? His average ice time is around 3-4 minutes a game. Stortini’s is around 7-9 minutes (I didn’t do the math I stole it from McGratton has 3G, 11A for 14Pts in 182 NHL games. Stortini has 14G, 27A for 41Pts in 257 NHL games.

    McGratton’s role is simply to fight. That’s it. Sure, he’s an upgrade in the tough guy role versus Stortini, but in “today’s NHL” do you really need a dedicated tough guy? At least Stortini can take regular shifts if need be and still fill the role of dropping the gloves when it has to be done.

  8. The point is that Stortini won’t intimidate anyone, the role of the enforcer is too prevent cheap shots from even occuring. I don’t know about you, but I would be less willing drill a key player if I was actually afraid of the tough guy on the other team.

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