Your 2011-12 Milwaukee Admirals

As of right now…

3  Jeff Foss (D)
4  Scott Ford (D)
6  Ryan Ellis (D)
8  Ryan Thang (RW)
10 Ryan Flynn (RW)
11 Chris Cahill (LW)
16 Ben Ryan (LW)
17 Michael Latta (C)
18 Chris Mueller (C)
19 Gabriel Bourque (LW)
20 Joel Champagne (C)
22 Scott Valentine (D)
23 Taylor Aronson (D)
24 Jani Lajunen (C)
28 Kyle Wilson (C)
29 Mark Van Guilder (C)
30 Jeremy Smith (G)
33 Roman Josi (D)
35 Atte Engren (G)
37 Chet Pickard (G)
41 Taylor Beck (RW)
64 Victor Bartley (D)
67 Robert Slaney (C)
71 Juuso Puustinen (RW)
89 Tyler Sloan (D)

According to Todd’s uniform database at, Bartley and Slaney will be the first Admirals to wear numbers in the 60’s range.  Puustinen will be the 5th Admiral to wear 71, and Sloan will be the second person to wear 89.

So Roundtable, make some line combinations and defensive pairings that you’d like to see tomorrow night in Peoria!

11 thoughts on “Your 2011-12 Milwaukee Admirals”

  1. Line 1 bourque-mueller-thang
    Line 2 wilson-mvg-flynn
    Line3 ryan-latta-beck
    Line4 cahill-lajunen-puustinen

    Pair1 ellis-slaney
    Pair2 ford-sloan
    Pair3 aronson-bartley

    Now I’d slot josi with ellis if he were healthy, we are pretty deep on d and by the way where did mike bartlet go? I’m just wondering not that I’m a huge bartlet fan or something. And does anyone know if the ads are gonna have anything for karlis and robert, maybe a picture complication and moment of silence or something?

  2. I originally wrote Slaney down as a D-man….he isn’t….he’s a center. I fixed it, but it ruins Jon’s defensive pairings….sorry Jon!

    Bartlett I believe is with the Houston camp right now.

    Greeny had a bit about Robert and Karlis in his most recent JSonline chat: “We will be remembering Karlis and Robert on Opening Night on October 14 at the Bradley Center with a special tribute prior to the game as well throughout the 2011-12 season with stickers on both our home and road helmets throughout the season featuring their names and initials.”

  3. For Atte and Chet, it’d be their 3rd training camp if they were already in Cincy. I think they did this with Smitty last year too, keeping a 3rd goalie around at the start of the season. Cincy’s regular season doesn’t start until next weekend. Plus, it gives the coaches some extra time to practice with their guys and make some evaluations, in case they are overwhelmed (or underwhelmed) by the competition.

  4. Back to John’s comment what is the status of Josi? He will be missed if he’s not ready soon

  5. All I’ve heard about Josi so far is the classic “Upper-body injury.” I’ll make a note to ask Coach after the game tomorrow.

  6. Hockey Night Tonight!

    It looks like we will have a pretty solid team this year.

    I’m predicting that MVG scores 22 goals this year. It is his year.

    I’m also predicting that Smitty breaks the Ads shutout record with 12 shutouts.

    I know picks seem far fetched yet if I’m right, this team will be sipping the cup.

    Go ADS!!

  7. At ticket pick-up night, I asked Josi when he thought he might be back. He said ‘I don’t know, maybe 2 weeks’. Take that for what it’s worth.

    Off to the game now!!!

    Go Ads

  8. Hugh Jessiman – is with the Lake Erie Monsters
    Mike Bartlett – is with the Houston Aeros

  9. Poproc I will second you on your prediction on mvg, that guy is my favorite player and always hardworking I feel your right time for him to cash in on some goals.
    Go ads!!!!

  10. Hugh Jessiman. Can he play for EVERY team in the AHL before he retires? I think that’s about the biggest accomplishment he can reasonably still attain professionally.

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