Admirals Make First Cuts

With Chris Mueller, Gabriel Bourque, and Tyler Sloan sent to Milwaukee, the Admirals have made three corresponding moves to their training camp roster.

Defenseman Garrett Suter, on a two-way contract, has been assigned to Cincy.

Forward Josh Shalla, a 4th round pick from the most recent entry draft, has been returned to his Junior team in Saginaw.  Maybe we’ll see him again at the end of his season up north.

Forward Aaron Marvin has been released from his try-out.

Still in camp:  Taylor Aronson, Charles-Olivier Roussel, David Leaderer, Scott Valentine, Jeff Foss, Evan Trupp, Chris Cahill, and three goalies.

12 thoughts on “Admirals Make First Cuts”

  1. One per period every night? That might be fun. And by fun, I mean awful.

    Coach Muller came in with a clean slate with these guys…he may still want to see Atte and Chet practice some more before making a decision. Although, Cincy may be starting to get a little impatient…it doesn’t look like they currently have any goalies listed on their roster. Their first exhibition game is Thursday!

  2. I think they will send Chet to Cinci. Atte is better goalie and He will challenge Jeremy hard for the starter spot early in the season. If they choose to send Engren to Cinci there is a risk that Atte will go back the Europe.

  3. your really going to have engren who played four games and lost two of them be the back up to smith or chet. sorry i would rather be safe and have someone who we know then a rookie be the back up

  4. Engren might be a rookie in AHL, but he has been playing over 100 games as a starter in Finnish Elite League. Last year he was selected as a top goalie of the league + they won the title that year. He is the most experienced goalie of those three guys. Chet wasn’t even a starter in Cincy last year….

  5. Admirals: I disagree with your justification. I don’t buy the ‘go with the devil you know’ argument. Because what do we know about Chet? He had a huge losing streak at the AHL and ECHL level. He has a tendency to let in softies. But he’s reportedly been working very hard this offseason. (as if Atte wasn’t?)

    As for Atte, the games he split was during a time when the Admirals lineup was pretty depleted due to injuries and callups. He had some good points and bad points, but the athleticism is there and he showed some potential. He seemed a bit green in other parts, but that’s part of being in a developmental league.

    If it were up to me, I’d lean towards Atte at the moment. But it’s not up to me, and I’m sure Coach Muller will make the best choice he can for the team. I haven’t seen either of them play since last season. But Coach will make is choice and we’ll take it from there.

    No matter who he goes with, it’ll be with someone who hasn’t tasted a lot of success in North America. And really, that’s okay.

  6. How many defenceman are currently on the roster? Will the make anymore cuts? If so, who do they get rid of? With the addition of Ellis I thought that was like 10 or 11 ( i might have missed a few cuts).

  7. Let’s see…..

    Ellis, Josi, Sloan, Ford, Bartley, Aronson, Foss, Roussel, Valentine, Leaderer. Maybe Ekholm?

    I’m sure there will be some more cuts.

    I figure Ellis, Josi, Ford, Sloan, and Bartley are sure things, and if Ekholm is with us, then he is too. The Preds just signed Valentine to a three year contract, so I think he may end up in the equation. Probably Foss too. I think the bottom three would probably be Roussel, Aronson, and Leaderer. But I can’t tell you how they have looked in practice. Maybe we’ll get some insight on the radio show tonight.

  8. Anyone willing to help out an Evan Trupp fan who hasn’t followed the Admirals before . . . I know he was signed by Cinci so I was excited because I just moved out to Ohio and would get a chance to see him play. I see he got invited to Milwaukee and made the last round of cuts . . . what are the chances he sticks? If so good for him, bad for me catching some of his games.

  9. Hi Joey,

    Thanks for reading. I think he’ll be coming back your way this week. Hopefully for him, he made a good impression with the coaching staff that his services may be requested later in the season. But I get the feeling that the Ads are set on forwards for now….and may still get more from the Predators this week. You may have him in time for Cincy’s first pre-season game on Thursday. We’ll see.

  10. Atte should get the call. He may be 2 and 2 thus far but he has shown more potential than Chet. Hate to give up on Chet yet but Atte should be Smith’s backup.

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