All-Star Game

Well this is interesting.

The host of the AHL All-Star Game this season?

This guy.

Atlantic City will host the All-Star game.

From the press release…

The first AHL All-Star event held outside an AHL city is being made possible through the partnership of the Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Authority, the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, Caesars Entertainment and the American Hockey League.

“The American Hockey League is looking forward to working with Boardwalk Hall, the ACCVA, the CRDA and Caesars to make the 2012 AHL All-Star Classic a truly special event,” said Andrews. “The historic Boardwalk Hall will provide an incredible and appropriate backdrop for us to celebrate our league and our sport’s best young players.”

Incredible backdrop, definitely.  Appropriate?  That may be a stretch.

But the arena isn’t a stranger to hockey, as the press release continues…

While this is the debut of the AHL’s All-Star Classic at Boardwalk Hall, the venue enjoys a life-long association with hockey dating back to Dec. 28, 1929, when the New York Rangers took on the Ottawa Senators in a regular-season National Hockey League contest. Boardwalk Hall hosted four Albany Devils games during the 2010-11 AHL season, and is currently the home of the ECAC Hockey men’s championship.

I’ll admit, when I saw the news, I thought it was silly.  But the more I think about it, I give the AHL credit for thinking outside the box on this one.  Hosting a logistical event of this magnitude is a HUGE undertaking, and to do it well requires a huge team effort from the hosting team, and a ton of volunteer work from the community.  It’s tough to pull off.

And if the AHL didn’t see a lot of raised hands when they looked for hosts for this season, good on them for broadening their search and finding a host that wanted to throw the party.  We’ll get an All-Star game like we’ve never had before.  And if it goes well?  Maybe this is the start of something pretty great.

Yeah, it’s a bit goofy.  But it’s better than no All-Star game at all.

3 thoughts on “All-Star Game”

  1. Since its at a non ahl building, I’m gonna do stats really good, and open the penalty box door at the perfect time. Maybe they will invite the best off ice officials from around the league!

  2. The only issue with the ice was a December game when WBS played Albany. The night before, the building held an ice skating event so the ice was thin at the start of warmups. When warmups began, the side where WBS was warming up the ice sloughed off in many spots. Despite multiple goings over with the zamboni in the end of the affected area, the game was called and rescheduled. Since, I don’t think out of the 6 games the Devils played at Boardwalk Hall, have they had issues.

    On your other issues, Atlantic City in January is sure to be a great place to be. With the ocean right there blowing the cold sea air right into your face. As for the casinos, I don’t gamble but for a rousing game or five of video blackjack, I can’t speak to. They do have great eateries both on the strip and a few blocks away if you don’t mind venturing off the beaten path.

    Finally, just goes to show that NO team wanted the game. It was forced on Hershey last year with it being the 75th Anniversary and all and the year before in Portland it chased a lot of people away because of a blizzard that dumped 2′ of snow in the area. Unless they have suitors lined up for next season (WBS hasn’t had it in a while, Rochester is due, St. John’s may step up next year) I don’t see it as a viable source of entertainment when all 30 AHL clubs avoid it kryptonite.

  3. Thanks for the comment.

    I think I’m a little more optimistic than a lot of the folks that appear to be TRASHING the development on the AHL’s Facebook page. But like I said, by broadening their search to find someone who actually WANTED to throw the party, I think this will be a great Plan B. That, and I look forward to all the Monopoly jokes that are now at my disposal.

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