Good News / Bad News

Good news:  Here’s Aaron Sims talking with our new skipper.  Some nice info coming out of the video.

We’ll be having our summer sit-down with the coach next week, so we’ll have that for you, um, next week I guess.

Bad news:  Wade Belak was found dead in Toronto.  For more coverage about this, follow the Nashville blogs, as they’ll keep everyone up to date as the details come out.  But what an awful summer for this kind of stuff.  Just awful.

4 thoughts on “Good News / Bad News”

  1. R.I.P wade belak.
    its been reported that marc savard will likely not ever play hockey again……. What a really crappy offseason for all of this……

  2. The last person I expected when I read ‘Former NHL’er Found Dead’ when I turned the computer on. Just terrible news…

    My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and two little girls.

    Rest In Peace Wade.

  3. Latest news is that Belak hanged himself. :( Tragic. From what everyone has posted and said he seemed like a happy person, that this came out of no where.

  4. Another tragedy in the sport we enjoy. Although Wade never suited up for the Ads he was assigned to us last year. He Will be missed in the world of hockey. Sympathy to his family.

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