Ads Sign Ford & Cahill

News from Ads camp!

Scott Ford has agreed on a contract for another season, and forward Chris Cahill will be back this season as well.

I give thumbs up to both of these.  Fordo will provide some veteran leadership on a blue line that will probably look a lot different than it did last year.  He’s not getting any faster, and he has been a part of some ho-hum fights lately….but his size and leadership will be assets this year.  He has to be the front-runner to wear the “C” at this point.

The general consensus from readers here was that they liked Cahill’s energy from the two games that they saw him in with the Admirals last season.  We’ll see if he’s ready to take the next step.

6 thoughts on “Ads Sign Ford & Cahill”

  1. I’m happy Ford is back, but I would not have been sad to see him go, either. He’s lost the ability to fight and is pretty much neutral as a defender. But is positive is leadership. I expect he will be wearing the “C” this season, as well. Cahill was a blessing when he was here briefly last season. Fast, spunky, full of energy. HE was a guy I was sad to see leave last year. The tease was unfair. But I’m looking forward to seeing him get some PT this year.

  2. Its nice to have ford back, his abilities aren’t where they used to be but he is someone who brings leadership and direction. With all the young players slated to see time in milwaukee we need that kind of a guy in our locker room. He still can get down block shots and lanes and as I have always joked he’s could be our emergency 3rd goalie. Cahill was nice for his half hour he spent with us last season a full servinhg of him will help us out a lot, he is going to be a solid player on any line he’s on.

  3. Ford is great.
    Yonks would have been awesome, yet not to be.
    However, the worst non-sign has to be Conacher.
    He was a flat out scoring machine in the playoffs last year.
    Wrong Admirals signed him.

  4. Bonus for Ford: After games, he can flip his stick upside down and use it as a walking cane. I kid. I kid. Ford’s a good guy and a solid citizen.

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