Badger Smith To Turn Pro

Will he?  Won’t he?  Will he?  Won’t he?

He will.

The Badgers have announced that Craig Smith, who would have been a junior in Madison this year, has elected to turn pro this season.  There’s a great write-up of the announcement (and an audio interview as well) at

So now the $64,000 question is does he have a chance to break training camp with the Predators?  Reports are saying that he was one of the best on the ice during the development camp recently, and if he has a knack for the net in training camp, how hard do you think it’ll be for Poile and company to tell him that “The road to Nashville goes through Milwaukee”?

So Roundtable….where do you see him playing next year?  Anybody watch him regularly on Badger broadcasts this past season?

5 thoughts on “Badger Smith To Turn Pro”

  1. We watched him in person many times in Madison over the past 2 years…he is an energy player who also has loads of talent. A crowd favorite – for selfish reasons I’d like to see him in Milwaukee this year, but he works his butt off so he deserves to be in Nashville.

  2. I don’t know, the guys over at Cellblock 303 think he’ll be in an Ads jersey this season, but Nashville let a lot of guys go, and really don’t seem to be in any rush to fill those spots.

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