RFA Issues?

Remember when the Chicago Blackhawks goofed on their qualifying offers a couple years ago?

There are reports that the Predators offers are not in good order this year.  It’s being reported by Nick Kypreos (who I still don’t buy as an insider), and some guy named Andy Strickland at Truehockey.com.

Great.  A blogger.  Awesome.  (Hey, wait a minute….)

On The Forecheck has been providing updates throughout the day, if you’d like to keep tabs on the situation.  This is all news to the Predators AND to the NHL, but until the players association is done with their investigation, Dirk from OTF rightly concludes that it’s not a closed issue.

4 thoughts on “RFA Issues?”

  1. Somewhere in Vancouver, Mike & Mark Santorelli are laughing hysterically and thinking this is poetic justice. Karma Mr. Poile…Karma

  2. His agent is shopping him around. He has been offered AHL deals but is looking for a 2-way. Europe is calling also. Hard to say at this point as teams have their priorities on the NHL stuff first and then AHL stuff later. Just a waiting game at this point unfortunately. Rampage might be a choice with Santos knowing who he is and all.

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