Catching Up – Cups, Coaches, & Finns

Lots to discuss. Lots to discuss…

Of course, mazel tov’s are in order for Rich Peverley for his performance in the Stanley Cup finals.  (There’s a great picture of him with the cup over at  Pevs signed on with the Admirals after 11 games with the Reading Royals in the 05-06 season, and the rest = history.
Let’s talk a bit about the coaching search.  Aaron Sims has an OUTSTANDING piece on his blog at the Admirals website.  But I’d like to give you the chance to be an armchair GM here.

What are qualities that you’d be looking for if it were up to you to hire the head coach of the Admirals for the 11-12 season?

– Does previous employment with the organization give someone the upperhand (Todd Richards, Brad Lauer)?
– Do you like the idea of promoting from within (Ian Herbers or Jarrod Skalde from Cincy)?
– Does NHL coaching experience matter more, or do you value someone who has been successful developing players at this level?
– Do you think a college coach would be a natural fit (Greg Cronin or Mike Eaves)?  A job at this level seems like it’d be a lot of teaching, without the hassle of recruiting……and in Cronin’s case, it seems like he’d probably prefer a scenario like that right now.)
– How willing would you be to give someone their very first head coaching gig?  (Martin Gelinas, or some other former player)
– Maybe you’d like a guy that’s been coaching longer than some of our players have been alive? (Troy Ward….coaching since the 90-91 season)

What’s important to you?  And of the guys mentioned above (or in Aaron’s article), who would you like to see at the helm of the ship?
Teemu Laakso re-signed with the Preds, a one year two-way contract.  According to Capgeek, it’ll pay him $675k at the NHL level, and $105k  at the AHL level.

Under contract for ’11-12:  Blum, Franson, Klein, Suter, Boullion.  Shea Weber is a restricted free agent, Shane O’Brien is an unrestricted free agent.  Do you think Laakso has a realistic chance breaking camp with the Preds next season?
The Preds signed another guy from Finland today — Right wing Juuso Puustinen.  Drafted by the Flames in 2006, he spent a couple of years tearing up the WHL.  Puustinen has spent the last three seasons in the Finnish Elite League, and was 4th in the league in goals scored last year.  He’s 6’1, two years younger than Linus Klasen, and already has some experience playing in North America.  There’s some decent discussion going on about him on the HFboards, and some thoughts from some people that have actually seen him play in Finland.  It’s a two-year deal, and some websites already have him penciled in to play in Milwaukee next year.  Hopefully, we’ll get to see him in action in rookie development camp later this month.

Hockey’s Future said this about Puustinen (take it with your usual Hockey’s Future grain cube of salt).  Have we seen this movie before? (Bold type is my emphasis)

Puustinen possesses decent size and has shown flashes of high end offensive brilliance. His time in the WHL has made him a reliable two way player, but he must improve the physical parts of his game as well as becoming a more consistent scoring threat to reach the next level. While there are some doubts about his physical and defensive play, his creativity and scoring ability is undeniable.

4 thoughts on “Catching Up – Cups, Coaches, & Finns”

  1. Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised to hear about Laakso resigning. Thought he would have went to a club where he’d have a better chance of cracking the NHL. Seems to me if he stays here, he’ll just be bounced around to cover injuries. Although, I don’t know if Nashville has any interest in bringing O’Brien. I really didn’t see anything special about him. He was a feisty guy, and willing to go after anybody (including his recent-ex-teammates in Vancouver, but overall, I didn’t think he was that good of a player. So maybe…maybe…that could be an in for Laakso!?!?

  2. I think Laakso will make the Preds. He played really well at the end of the season. Looks like he’ll make the jump.
    Glad to have him back he is a good egg.

    I like Ian but Jarrod Skalde seems more intriguing. He looks like he could lead well.

    It is sad that we will missing a large number of players off this years team.

    I hope Dex finds a chance at the show, he sure showed signs of being flat out dominant. It will be sad to see him go, yet the Preds are set for goalies for years to come.

    I wonder how Chet will respond this year. It sees to me that it is do or die in terms of his tenure with the organization.

  3. As far the coaching spot, the admirals/preds need to find a guy who is going to be able to do more than man the ship. They need someone who is going expect the best from all players and challenge high skill players to elevate their game as they develop.Laakso most likly will be in nashville at some point next year, a little yoyo between here and there and he’ll be up there for good.
    It was awesome seeing pevs hoist lord stanley’s cup!!! The bruins had a hell of a year, having watched much of the regular season games they played and all the playoffs you could just tell this team was headed for greatness! They are going to be a contender for several years! Hope the ads get

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