Coach Lambert Promoted

Our friend Dave Boehler of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is reporting that Lane Lambert has been hired as an assistant coach by the Nashville Predators.

The Admirals have scheduled a press conference for tomorrow afternoon.

What to say…..what to say…… I feel like I’m writing a eulogy.

This news is not all that surprising.  Many of us had a feeling this day would happen sometime this summer.  And we can’t be happier for Lane.  We weren’t sure whether he’d be a head coach somewhere (I don’t know if he was in talks for the Florida job before it was filled or not), or whether he would step right into the vacated assistant spot with Nashville.

Why this makes sense:  Lane has helped helped develop so many of the players already contributing on the active Preds roster.  Familiarity has to be an asset.  And it’s not like Lane is coming from a free-wheeling run-and-gun type system.  Lane knows the Predator way better than anybody else outside of the organization.  He will be a great fit.

I know I speak on behalf of Sutty, Jason, and Eric Kent when I type this:  Coach Lambert has been great.  From a media standpoint, we will miss the heck out of him.  We are thankful for the time he has given us, his thoughtful answers, and the look he would always give us when some new guy would come into the locker room and ask a dumb question.  And from a performance standpoint, the way he was able to get the most out of his players was outstanding.  I know fan opinion of the coach varies quite a bit, but I am of the opinion that these were four great years for the organization, and whoever they hire to replace him will have ginormous shoes to fill.

Word is that the next Admiral’s coach will NOT be announced at this press conference tomorrow…and that’ll give us some time to speculate and take wild stabs in the dark about who the candidates are….but that’ll wait for another post.

Best of luck, Coach.

Feel free to leave your best wishes in the comments.  I don’t know if he reads us or not, but he knows we exist, and your wishes may get back to him at some point.

Do you have a favorite Lane Lambert moment?

12 thoughts on “Coach Lambert Promoted”

  1. Congrats to him, he deserves it, and I don’t think it’s long until he has his own NHL club! People gave him a lot of crap, but let’s be honest, he got us to the playoffs every season he was with us. I think some of us our spoiled by the fact that we’ve been in the playoffs every year for almost a decade. Take a look around the league at some of these other clubs out there, the playoffs should never be “expected”.

    Any rumors about who will take over? Is Herbers ready to take over? Or do you think they will hire somebody on the outside?

  2. Herbie I think will be in the running, but I don’t think they’re going to give him the keys outright. Todd Richards is living off of Minnesota money right now, but isn’t coaching anywhere. Jarrod Skalde from Cincy may be in the mix too. Maybe Martin Gelinas has interest in coaching?

    I don’t have any insider info at the moment. This is all purely speculation.

  3. Does that mean we will now have a coach who likes a more physical game style? Either way, we’ll miss Lane in Milwaukee

  4. I will miss Lane a lot, he’s been a great coach, and great at developing talent….and making the best team possible out of the hand he’s been given. Good luck at the next level, we will certainly hope your replacement will be just as good.

  5. Congrats to lane!! He’s a good hockey guy, and will gain valuable expirence at the nhl level. I never liked the guy when he was coach of chicago, but is john anderson available? He is a good guy who got a raw deal in the atlanta organization.

  6. Best of luck to Lane in Nashville & beyond. It’s not every coach who can help help develop so many players :-)
    I’ve not always been a fan of his style, but he’s someone who has stuck to his guns and produced results for both organizations.

  7. Congrats to Lane, he will be missed. Hopefully the organization and pick up another gem to lead and develop this team. We have been spoiled when it comes to coaching over the past several years. It’s great to see how much of a success the Admirals organization has been to so many players and coaching staff.

  8. Congrats Lane! Best wishes in the Big Show. Don’t forget to yell at the bad refs!

    John Anderson? I would drop my season tickets if that happened!

    Definitely “time for Todd”, with Ian as his assistant. Bring back Sixsmith.

  9. Congrats to Lambert. Seems like a great position for him and I think he’ll do a nice job.

    Would Richards would really take it? Seems he wouldn’t target less than an NHL assistant job.

    Creed, I agree, I think the Ads have predominantly made the playoffs (various leagues) throughout the history of the club. That’s a heck of an accomplishment.

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