Chili Sabotage Seeks Drummer…And Other News

Mark Matheson has re-signed with the Wolves.  So we can look forward to seeing Mad Dog for another 12 games next season.

Binghamton took a 3-2 series lead over Houston in the Calder Cup finals with a 4-2 victory last night.  The series shifts back to Houston now, where a winner will be crowned Tuesday or Thursday.

But probably the biggest news of all, is that the band Chili Sabotage is seeking a drummer.

Maybe you’ve heard Chili Sabotage announced as a group in attendence at Admirals games.  Maybe you’re Facebook friends with Aaron Sims, and have heard him talk about the group.  Maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about.

In short:  Chili Sabotage is an idea that is so crazy, that it just might work.  Aaron is the charismatic front man, Sutty is the six-string ax man, I’m on keyboards, and John W. Bitter is our manager.

We’re a bit over the top about our awesomeness.  But we’re in it to have fun.

We may have a gig lined up at the end of the summer.  And it has been determined that we need to get a drummer…….now.

So…..if you play drums, or know someone who plays drums…..we want to hear from you.  Send a message to admiralsroundtable (at) g mail, or leave us a message at the Chili Sabotage facebook page.

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