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The dates for the Admirals’ annual garage sale have been released.  So if you’re in the market for some jerseys, skates, pads, sticks, gloves, and other assorted merch, you’ll want to highlight Tuesday June 14th and Wednesday June 15th on your calendar.

Here are the details!

Those AHL conference finals?  Not nearly as exciting as the semis….both the Aeros and Senators can sweep their way to the Calder Cup finals with wins tonight.

And with all the talk about the Atlanta Thrashers moving to Winnipeg, that would leave an opening in the Southeast Division.  Our friend Dirk from On The Forecheck profiles the idea of the Preds being the chosen team to switch to the Eastern Conference.

What do you think?  Would the Preds be better off in the east?

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Afternoon Links”

  1. just a note on a team to move east the wings already have an unwritten agreement with the nhl to have first crack at moving back east which would be awesome to see them match up vs more original 6 teams most importantly toronto. it would provide for some great matchups and this comes from a guy who is a buffalo and boston fan! lol god still miss ads hockey we should still be playing!!

  2. I like the Preds where they are; beating the Wings.

    BTW, Klasen signed with a team in Sweden named the Redhawks.

  3. According to Wikipedia he is now the highest paid player in any of the Swedish leagues making about $600K in USD. Probably more than his NHL contract was worth with Nashville, and at least 10 x’s more than he was probably making in MKE!!!

    Good luck to him!

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