So…..Now What Do We Do?

No doubt about it, Tuesday night was pretty rough.  Wednesday was pretty rough too.  Hopefully everyone is feeling a little bit better today.

So now we shift our focus to mostly season reviews, league news, and organization news for the next little while.  We’ll roll with it.

This morning, we’ll do it in the form of links to other sites.

Here’s Aaron Sims’ blog post about the end of the season.

The Predators signed another European player to a three year contract.  Meet defenseman Mattias Ekholm.  Our friends at On The Forecheck also posted a highlight reel video….it’s not of the Klasen variety, but still worth checking out.

A 6’4 defenseman?  We’ll take it!

If he is ticketed for Milwaukee, you’d have to think that he’ll be slotted for some playing time, and he may be a part of a very young group of blueliners in Milwaukee.

For discussion:  Rank these unrestricted free agent defensemen in the order of how much you’d like them to re-sign with Milwaukee, to help provide some leadership for the young guys.

Brett Palin (C)
Aaron Johnson (A)
Scott Ford (A)
Grant Lewis

9 thoughts on “So…..Now What Do We Do?”

  1. Johnson, Lewis, Ford, Palin, in that order. Doing this from my phone, I’ll give reasoning from the desktop later.

  2. Great, here I am – cranky and looking to argue – but I can’t, I agree with JohnnyBeez order. You could swap Lewis & Johnson or Ford & Palin and I wouldn’t argue profusely either.

    The real question for me is each one of them vs someone else. – ranking the (4) amongst themselves is one thing, but if there’s an available pool of x # of players and those 4 are part of that pool, it doesn’t mean they’re the top 4.

    Throw Ekholm in the mix – is he #5 in the order or closer to #3 and edging someone out.

  3. Its hard ranking these four I like them all and each brings something different to the table. I guess I’d go like this- 1)Lewis- he brings offense from the point and calder cup expierence. (Also isn’t he under contract or was this his final year in that deal?)
    2)Johnson- he is a good leader and solid old school d-man gets the puck away from the net and outta the zone
    3)Palin- he is a solid vet and would be unfortunate
    4)Ford- I’ve like him since came here but his physical play has seemed to fade and his fights are not what they were when he was with the sound tigers or even first year here, as sad as it would be to see him go I just don’t know if there’s room here for him.

  4. I’ll start by saying the following – I know a lot of people on here criticize our team captains every year. I have to believe that those guys who have been a C were chosen for a reason. We may not see the reason(s) on the ice and I respect that. There’s more to the entire game and team aspect than performing perfectly every day on the ice. As was written in the JS article the other day, Kelsey Wilson came in the dressing room with a funky outfit. There’s locker room and off-ice leadership that the fans may not see or know about that is crucial to any successful team. If a guy like Yonkman provides that, then he is ultimately a very important part of the team and should not be completely discredited because his on-ice speed is slower (unless of course those kinds of flaws end up costing the team success day in and day out – which wasn’t the case with Yonks btw).

    With that said, my rankings agree with Johnn B’s

    1. Johnson – he provides a solid defensive core to the team and has the experience and grit to help lead a younger defensive core.

    2. Lewis – another solid d with offensive ability. He didn’t make many mistakes when he played, and he hustled. His scoring touch could be utilized more if the team loses guys like Blum, Josi, Ellis…

    3. Ford – a great stay-at-home defenseman. Every team needs a good stay-at-home d. and plus he’s a vet with the Admirals now, he knows the systems and can help lead the younger guys.

    4. Palin – I personally have no problem with Palin unlike a lot of people on this site. He was mostly consistent all year long, but I prefer Johnson over Plain. Johnson seemed to have more grit to his game, and I’m assuming any leadership he brought to the table being the C can be replaced with someone like Johnson, or another vet they bring in.

  5. 1) Johnson
    2) Palin
    3) Ford
    4) Lewis

    As I worked in the penalty box and behind the goal, I never got the sense that Lewis brought much of anything to the team. He always seemed like he was simply filling a roster spot. Johnson played great defense along with Palin to form an effective duo when together in key situations. Ford is decent defensively and he is actually willing to drop the gloves for the team.

  6. For me, the distance between 1 and 4 is so mild that it wouldn’t really bother me if any of them re-signed.

    1. Palin — I second Creed’s preamble about wearing the “C”. I thought that he did so many of the little things right, but we always harp on the mistakes. Considering the team defensive stats that they were able to accumulate this year, I think he deserves some more credit than he seems to be receiving. It’s my understanding that in the locker room, he’s been a great leader this year. I would love it if he’d return next year.

    2. Johnson — He’d be great, but I’m not overly optimistic that he’ll be back. I get the sense that he figured he’d get to play in Nashville when he signed. Good on him for the great effort with us — great leadership and a good team guy. I was hard on him early on, but I have come around.

    3. Lewis — Size and shot, and it sounds like he’s a pretty good locker room guy too. He was an unsung hero of the team after Blum was called up.

    4. Ford — I thought he had a pretty good year, and certainly wasn’t a liability out there defensively. And he’s a great ambassador in the community. We’ll see if he’s in Nashville’s plans for MKE next year. He knows Lane & Herbie’s system….that may or may not be the system next year if Lane gets a promotion.

  7. Johnson, Lewis, Ford, Palin. Johnson is the best of the four, the other three are about the same as each other.

  8. I’ll also go with


    Unless what fordo and palin did behind the scenes was just incredible, their on ice presence just isn’t as good as the top two.

    I have GOT to disagree with BSB about Lewis. Lewis didn’t bring anything to the table? Really?

    I know stats aren’t everything, but when you compare:
    Lewis 47 games, 8 goals, 15 assists and 0.49 points per game
    Ford 80 games, 2 goals, 5 assists and 0.09 points per game

    I don’t care if you are in the penalty box, goal judge box, or pluto…those numbers don’t lie.

  9. Those numbers for Lewis aren’t that great. He played okay but I wouldn’t call that spectacular. Ford more impressed me because he can play quite physically and will drop the gloves to defend his teammates. Ford also is a great leader. He had one game where he had a 5 minute major for fighting. He was standing and yelling to his teammates about their sloppy play while he was in the box. As soon as the penalty was over, he skated to the bench and lit a fire under his teammates. That impresses me. I never saw anything like that from Lewis. If you like Lewis, that is fine. Personally, I never was impressed.

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