Welcome Back To Milwaukee

Press release is out there now.  Jon Blum, Matt Halischuk, and Blake Geoffrion have been officially assigned to the Admirals.

Chris Mueller and Teem Laakso aren’t in the press release, probably because they were never ‘officially’ called up.  Has something to do with emergency call-ups due to injury…. more CBA stuff that I’ve given up trying to understand how it works.

But don’t let the press release make you think otherwise — All five SHOULD be in Milwaukee for tonight’s game.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled line combinations suggestions….. and with 8 capable defensemen on the roster, who do you think gets to sit?  Lewis and ____?  Or do they go with 7 defensemen for the night?

6 thoughts on “Welcome Back To Milwaukee”

  1. Thang-Mueller-Wilson

    I like Wilson with Mueller/Thang. Plus Bourque fits the style of play with Geoffrion/Halischuk better than anyone else IMO. And Santorelli has been playing pretty well when he’s had the chance. His experience in the league may give him an edge over the ATO guys.

    For the d, based on the fact that the C and A’s will most likely be in the lineup, I predict:


    Who I’d like to see as the d pairs:


    I like Ford, but someone has to be the odd-man out. Lewis is quicker and has played better in the offensive zone. I think despite the defensive lapses, we can beat Houston offensively. If we can settle down in the offensive zone, cycle, and get traffic to the net, we can easily rattle Hackett and get some quick and easy goals.

    Palin is solid and is our C but I like Johnson’s grit this series, despite any of the penalties he may take.

  2. The problem I have in this game with going too much for offensive defensemen is that when Houston puts up big shots, they win and they showed they can put up 3 goals in a hurry on a breakdown. I’d be concerned that going too much toward offense on defense exposes the Ads even further to something Houston has already exploited.

    I don’t think the Ads can take this game on another 2.5 to 1 shot margin and giving up 50 shots. So for me, I think the return of Blake and Matt coupled with how Borque, Mueller, Thang, etc have been playing offensively means that I feel good about the offensive power of those guys and I need to tighten up the defense.

    I haven’t decided if I see this as a low scoring, grind it out, 3-2 or 2-1 contest or a higher scoring 6-5 or 6-4 type game. I’m leaning towards expecting more scores but still close in the end.

  3. The thing is, in the last game the defensemen weren’t necessarily at fault for the goals. For the three even strength goals the Aeros scored, we had the same forwards out – Mueller, Thang and Wilson. While some of our d may be offensive minded, I think everyone handles the puck well and has played solid in the d-zone for the most part.

  4. I like CreedFeed’s d pairings. I might swap Blum and Ellis but would be fine either way. Even though they are offensive minded, I think they are all reliable defensively. Ford to me doesn’t fight hard enough for the puck. Sometimes backs off and lets them take it. He really frustrates me sometimes. As does Palin. But will take them all over Yonkman anyday!

    Very excited for the game now. Go Ads!!!

  5. Sorry, my comment was more relative to the ‘fantasy’ defensive pairings. I don’t think we should try to get more offense from the defense. With the returned folks we have the offensive potential.

    I agree, the defense played well – they have bent but not broken in (assistant) coach’s words. I don’t blame them for the goals, but they bear SOME responsibility in the last three games with the number of shots allowed.

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