Hamilton Wins, Preds Lose

The winner of Game 7 tomorrow night will win the right to play the Hamilton Bulldogs, after the Montreal affiliate defeated the Manitoba Moose 6 seconds into the 3rd overtime period Monday night.

Now THAT is a game 7 for the ages.

The Bulldogs outshot the Moose 57-30, but Moose goaltender Eddie Lack was outstanding.  (Does this scenario sound familiar?)

Drew MacIntyre was the winner for the Bulldogs, and Dustin Boyd scored his first of the playoffs for the dramatic OT win.

Meanwhile in Music City, as you’ve probably seen referenced on Facebook and on the Preds blogs and twitter feeds, the Preds came up just short, losing 2-1 to the Vancouver Canucks.

Will the Admirals get some reinforcements?  I’m inclined to say that it’s likely, but we shouldn’t count on it until we see a press release or see them on the ice.  I seem to recall that a couple of years ago, Antti Pihlstrom was on our clear day roster, but never actually came back when the Preds were done.  If they do come back tomorrow, hopefully they’ll all be mentally and physically tough enough to keep truckin’ for another huge game.


Per Josh’s lead in the comments section…..assuming we get Mueller, Halischuk, and Geoffrion back, how would you like to see the forward lines?

12 thoughts on “Hamilton Wins, Preds Lose”

  1. I think I’d rather play Hamilton, so that’s good news. I think Eddie Lack would have been too much! Granted it appears MacIntyre may have collected himself in Hamilton and is the Drew we remember from his days in MKE. Also what happened to Curtis Sanford? Is he splitting time with Mac? Seems like the Ads always have trouble going against Sanford.

  2. Pihlstrom is european. They all go home when they get a chance. Blum halischuk geoffrion are all budding stars and will be expected by nashville to come and play. Plus im sure they know they will have a great chance at winning a championship here.

    Hope we can advance and light up drew mac next round.

    Whats up with Hornqvist only playing 7-8 minutes!? Especially when the goal was to create traffic in front of luongo?? Thats what he accels at!

  3. did anyone know why mueller was called up today for the game but didnt play and teemu? even though you know they will be here for tomorrows game but teemu i understand for defense reason but why mueller? i hope blum and blake and matt come back and ready for the game tomorrow. blake can play more then 5 mins a game.

    how would you do your lines if there all back tomorrow. do you put mueller and has and thang back together or do you split them up. whos the odd man out for tomorrows game for defense? who do you see blake being set with for line and who you think will sit now that blake and matt are back?

  4. Mueller was probably called up for emergency purposes as well. Both Spaling and Smithson were banged up in the last game.

  5. Bourque-Mueller-Thang
    Halischuk-Geoffrion-Beck (wish Klasen)
    Hunter-Van Guilder-Santorelli

    Ford-Lewis, eventhough that wont happen.

  6. i would think you would put the one of the hot lines back together i meant to say before mueller bourque and halischuk. i think that would be the best line . and theres no way you could sit the captain and AJ in the playoofs so it prob will be ellis sitting and lewis

  7. Yea i know. Obviously they will play palin-johnson eventhough they arent the best options in my opinion. Gota sit ford. Ellis has way more speed and offensive potential not to be in lineup. Especially in a game 7. Him and Josi seem to have alot of chemistry.

  8. Hmmmm after how hot the line of Thang-Mueller-Wilson was for game 6 I wouldn’t want to break that up.

    My lines would be:


    Regardless of the defensive lines, it’s going to suck for somebody. I guess it’s a good problem to have though.

  9. Provided they all return….

    I think Blum, Laakso, Ford, Palin, Josi and Johnson are a lock to play. Would not mind Ellis in place of Ford, but don’t think that’s gonna happen.

    I like your lines Mark though I think I’d swap Santorelli in place of Beck. Beck hasn’t been bad but hasn’t been a stand out. Santorelli has put in a couple of really good games and a dud, so depends which one shows up.

  10. I like you lines Section 200, but I agree, it’s not going to happen. If Ford sits, you basically take any kind of deterrent off the ice, except for when Wilson is out there. Not that Fordo has been playing all that spectacular either, but he brings that to the fray. Johnson and Palin don’t even do that. Kind of frustrating that all the players wearing the letters can be considered the three lowest blueliners (speed and talent wise) on the board. I can see actually dressing 7 blueliners in this game though. Remember when Yonkman went out with a broken thumb early in the 1st and the boys basically played 5 D the whole game? They were beyond gassed by the end of it.

    Game 7 boys, leave it all out there tonight!

  11. Geoffrion tweeted about running into darren pang at the airport with halischuk and blum. Panger wished them luck in heading back here for game 7. They are on their way!!!!!!

  12. Ok call me crazy but here are my lines IF we get all our guys back (minus klassen due to injury)
    1) Thang-mueller-wilson
    Now I know we love the thang-mueller-bourque line but none of those guys screen the goalie and get to those dirty areas. Wilson does and did so last game on both his goal and muellers goal! Each line usually needs a playmaker, sniper, and grinder. The way I see it get traffic in front of hackett, and he won’t see shots as easy, look for loose pucks and chuck them in. Now normally I’d say let’s put blake on line 2 but he has sat on the pine a lot in nashvile playing single digit minutes, get him back to speed and in the playing groove again before moving him up the rungs. This of course only happens if those guys are sent back if not run with who we got and like we have all year and adapt to challenges!! The story is not even close to being over, let’s finish this chapter tonight!!!!
    Go Ads!!!!!!!!!

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