Resilient Admirals Top Aeros In Game 3

The third period had all the makings of a sad story of collapse.  But a questionable Houston goal was answered in short order by an Admiral goal, and Milwaukee skated out of Toyota Center with a 5-3 win over the Aeros Tuesday night.

Let’s address the elephant in the room right away.  The AHL needs to have video replay in every arena.  There’s no excuse to not have it.  But since we don’t have it, how on earth can Mark Lemelin, in perfect position, waive off a Jarod Palmer goal, and then at the next whistle, be convinced that he waived it off in error?  The goal judge never turned on their light, so is he even supposed to be consulted?  If the replays on the video board had any impact at all on the reversal, Lemelin should be terminated.  Immediately.  Every team in the league had good goals waived off due to human error.  It’s the reality of the league.  Obviously, we aren’t privy to the conference of the zebras on the ice, but I don’t know how anybody could/should have been able to get him to over-rule himself.  Nobody was in better position, and even though the replays made it look to be the right call, he is not supposed to have the benefit of replays.  The Admirals should have gotten away with that one.

Fortunately for the Admirals, it didn’t matter.

After they awarded Palmer the goal to make the score 4-3, and after they put some time back on the clock, it took the Admirals 27 seconds to answer back.  Mike Bartlett put in a juicy rebound of a Steve Begin shot.

Jared Spurgeon opened the scoring with a power play goal, sneaking in the back door on the far side.  From the replay, it looked like it was Begin’s missed assignment.  But it was a great pass from Robbie Earl, and a nice finish that beat Jeremy Smith.

The Admirals would tie it at the end of the period, thanks to some nice passing as a power play was ending.  On one last rush, Aaron Johnson had a cross-ice pass to Ryan Thang on the far side.  He put the puck on net, and it was deflected by Van Guilder past Matt Hackett.  The goal came a second after the power play expired.

In the second period, the Admirals scored a pair more.  Ryan Thang converted a rebound of a Scott Ford shot into an open net.  And then about five minutes later, Andreas Thuresson reappeared, and cashed in after some great plays from Grant Lewis and Begin.  Lewis had a strong play bringing the puck down low towards the net.  The puck came to Begin behind the net, and his slick pass found Thuresson all alone in the slot.

Then there were four goals over a 2:17 span in the middle of the 3rd period.

Marco Scandella scored a power play goal from the bottom of the near circle that looked like it could have been waived off too.  Tough to tell from the one replay Toyota Center showed.  But okay, ref was there, it’s a good goal.  We move on.

Steve Begin answered 1:19 later finishing a 3-on-2 rush.  Thuresson, to Bartlett, to Begin in front of the crease.

Palmer somehow got behind everybody and his shot did beat Smith.  And that play led to Lemelin-Gate 2011.


First, the lines.

Bourque – Mueller – Beck
Wilson – Van Guilder – Thang
Begin – Bartlett – Thuresson
Ryan – Hunter – Santorelli

We’d like to give an extra special ‘welcome back to the playoffs’ to that 4th line, which I thought played very well as an energy line tonight.  High marks for all four lines, actually.  While the 1st line didn’t yield any goals, they had some nice moments too.

Biggest difference between game 2 and game 3?  Chaos in front of Hackett.  As in, there was none on Sunday, and the Admirals were able to drive to the net and be a bit more distracting tonight.

Both Smith and Hackett channeled their inner-Pekka Rinne, making some insane saves at times.  Both teams missed some open nets too.  There were rebounds aplenty on both ends, but the Admirals were the superior team tonight when it came to getting help from the defensemen clearing pucks out of danger.

Scott Ford was whistled for interference in the 2nd period.  But the clock kept running after the play stopped for about another 25 seconds.  Dean “The Dream” Zanoni would NEVER let that happen!

You can check out some thoughts from Andrew at The Third Intermission here.  There are some quotes from the Houston coach (who isn’t interested in giving the Admirals credit for the game).  Andrew points out that it was the same forward line out there when the Admirals answered back both times in the 3rd period.  It’s a good read, and I recommend that you give it a gander.

Admirals recap is here.  Aeros recap is here.  Box score is here.

13 thoughts on “Resilient Admirals Top Aeros In Game 3”

  1. I thought the refs in Game 2 were poor. So two other refs in Game 3 were also poor. Are all the good refs in the NHL now? Go Admirals! Win one more down in Houston and it will be all downhill the rest of the series.

  2. I did a copy/paste of my question on the AHL’s official Facebook page. I asked this immediately after the call was overturned. As of this time, they have not yet answered my 2nd question. Personally, in my opinion the call was bittersweet. I’d hate to win by a questionable goal, at the same time, they need to just come out with a consistent replay system. None of this “official discussion” crap.

    Mark Sumner
    How are your refs in Houston overturning a goal when there is no replay??? Ridiculous!!!!
    3 hours ago ·LikeUnlike · 2 people like this.

    The Official American Hockey League Fan Page
    Following proper procedure, the referees had an official discussion at the next whistle and determined that a goal had been scored.

    Mark Sumner
    So did one ref call it was a goal while the other wave it off, then discuss it? Or was it strictly decided after they viewed the replay? Regardless, the owners need to vote for replay next season so stuff like this doesn’t happen.
    2 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1 person

  3. So, John Royal from t3i is all up in arms about the Admirals Twitter feed. Of all things, he’s mad about the twitter feed. Hey John, how do you feel about the Houston 3rd goal controversy?

    ”I’m not sure how many of you follow the Milwaukee Admirals on twitter, but they’re damn maddening to follow because the only thing they don’t tweet during a game are player bowel movements — no, I’m not exaggerating. They tweet line shifts, passes, and icing calls. So for me, the best part of this whole thing was reading their tweets as they go ballistic that the refs were reviewing the replay. Only they weren’t reviewing replay, as you can tell from Warren Peters begging them to look up at the video board as the goal was replayed. And trust me, I watched, and shot. They never looked up. And they weren’t looking at any monitors or else Peters wouldn’t have been going so ballistic when they weren’t looking up at the video boards. But at least one good thing happened, the Admirals tweeters had to tweet about something other than icing calls.”

    you mad bro?

  4. Ron White,

    Are you the man behind the tweets? Or can we get in touch with them? I’d like to start adding to it, just for this series. Start tweeting whenever the zamboni driver turns right, a fan in the crowd is caught picking their nose, basically evrything that can be tweeted…should be tweeted.

    I’m not on Twitter, so I have no idea how it works, but he wasn’t forced to subscribe to the tweets were they? Highly doubt it!

  5. I actually like when you guys tweet more in depth about whats going on then just saying when someone scores. Keep up the good work :)

  6. Last night’s game was definitely interesting. With questions about the officiating being asked by, well, everyone, I’ll ask one also. Why doesn’t the league do away with goal judges? It happened last night, it happened several time in Milwaukee. Regardless of whether the goal judge hits the red light or not, the referee makes his call, then skates off. If there is controversy, the ref includes the linesmen (and if there, the second ref). Nobody asks the goal judge for his opinion. I would think that if there were a question, the blind mice should all travel to the judges cage so everyone involved can have their say. Without doing so is tantamount to allowing the referee to throw the game. He may have the final word, but he should not have the only word.

    Both listening to Aaron and watching the puck slide confirmed that the ice in Houston was lousy last night. That may have been an advantage to us in some sense, as it forces the play to go just a bit slower than it otherwise would.

    What has been a rather consistent issue this season is that we don’t cover the open net on a lateral move by the goalie on defense, leaving a wide open net (1st Aeros goal last night), and don’t have someone camped out on offense to take advantage of the same maneuver.

    In all, not a bad game, and obviously played well enough to win. Tomorrow’s another day, and with some luck they can sweep the series and finish it in Houston. Go Ads!!

  7. Please don’t listen to this John Royal person. Your tweets save me when I am not at the games or away from my computer. As TooManyMenonTheIce said-Tweet away! Please!

  8. Granted, it’s the Admirals twitter feed, not the Roundtable feed that he’s griping about. But still, it seems like going off on a rant for the sake of going off on a rant. Furthermore, it seems like a bad idea to go on that rant when the people he is attacking are the same people that are in charge of issuing his media credentials, should he follow through with his threat to come to Milwaukee to cover games 6 and 7 (if necessary). He may have to buy his own tickets to the game, if he’s not careful.

  9. wasn’t John Royal the same guy who got all in a huffy about the AHL website not naming Houston stars of the night? I thought I was a whiny pouty chump but this guy takes the cake.

    Do away with goal judges? No, please don’t. They are a very valuable member of the officiating crew, and they look pretty adorable if I do say so myself. Some of us have dreams of getting back to the NHL.

    After game 2, Lane wanted to see the boys compete. And they sure did last night. Amazing to bounce back quickly after 2 houston “goals” and score right away, when we couldn’t figure out how to do it it at all in 60 minutes Sunday.

    As solid as I thought Conacher was for a few games, I’m thinking/hoping sitting him for a game slows the game down for him and he’s better for it.

    Is anyone else having a REALLY hard time watching the Predators series? Mannnnnnn, I want them to win because I want to be so proud of the former Admirals…but thinking of what we get back if/when they lose, can’t we just be happy they made it to the 2nd round? lol, its painful.

    The stuff about Twitter still makes me laugh. If you were a fan of the team, and weren’t able to make it to the game…wouldn’t you want them to kind of run a play by play for you? Tweeting goals is ok I guess, but if you just wanna know that, you can just look at the AHL boxscore. Granted I think the Admirals could use social media more to get the word out, but I think they are doing a great job of what they are doing.

  10. He’s just bitter at the outcome of the game :lol:

    And I agree, the twitter updates are great. Hope whoever’s doing that doesn’t stop based on some blogger’s comments. If I’m away from a radio and computer, following the tweets on my phone is very useful! :)

  11. Just another thought I’d like to air here. It seems like the Ads have a difficult time winning at home. If perchance we have another game or 2 at home this series, might it be a good idea to ask the girlfriends/wives to take a couple of days off and go shopping in Chicago….. Either that or take the guys right from the airport and lock them in hotel rooms until the game. I’m starting to think that there are too many distractions at home :-)

  12. If games are being televised anyway, why would it be so hard to have an on sight official if you will with a monitor in front of him at the game be able to give plays at the goal an extra look?

    The AHL doesn’t need a war room located deep in the bowels of the AHL pentagon, but the idea I suggest should be more than feasible. They don’t even have to have the officials radioed up, just send a message down to the penalty boxes and have them turn the TV timeout light on.

    Or in the Admirals case, wave a white towel. Multi million dollar scoreboard and they can’t put up a little yellow light…I’ll save that rant for a different day.

    Glad Mueller is back in the middle, Hunter got back in the lineup, and Begin actually knows what that big red thing with the net is actually for.

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