Happy Birthday To Us – Ellis Assigned To Admirals

After Windsor lost in the OHL playoffs, it was just a matter of time.

I expect a press release this morning, but the AHL’s transaction page at theahl.com shows that defenseman Ryan Ellis is officially your newest Admiral.

He was the 11th overall pick in the 2009 draft, and has been at least a point per game every season with Windsor.

Career junior totals (including playoffs)?

288 games.
92 goals.
309 assists.
401 points.
+184 defensively.

When Jon Blum’s junior season ended a couple years ago, he played a few playoff games with Milwaukee and held his own fairly well.  Here’s hoping that Ellis will be able to be even better.  With Laakso on the Nashville roster, the door is open.

Ellis will wear #15.  We don’t yet have confirmation that he’ll play tonight….but it will probably be him or Foss.

Charles-Olivier Roussel (if anyone still cares about him) will wear #38.

UPDATE:  You’ll also notice on the AHL’s transaction page that Laakso and Pickard have been sent down.  That’s just a paper transaction.  Laakso is still in Vancouver, and we’ll probably see another note that he’s been called up prior to the next Preds game.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Us – Ellis Assigned To Admirals”

  1. Do you remember when they brought up Ryan Parent for the finials in 2006? He looked like a deer in the head lights. It will be good to see them play Ellis,and COR.

  2. Great question about the paper transaction…..not sure of the ins and the outs of it…probably has a lot to do with some random section of the CBA, and it may have a factor in HOW they were recalled or have something to do with compensation.

    That’s a longwinded way to say: I don’t know. So it is what it is.

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