Nashville Recalls Teemu Laakso and Chet Pickard

As Nashville spends the day making travel arrangements for Vancouver, the Predators will have a couple of Milwaukee Admirals joining them for their first ever trip to the second round.  This morning defenseman Teemu Laakso and goaltender Chet Pickard were recalled.

Pickard is likely heading up for emergency reasons/practice fodder as Nashville looks plenty set in goal for the playoffs.  Obviously, Pickard was not seeing much ice time in Milwaukee and Cincinnati’s season came to an end at the hands of Reading on April 9, so the Cyclones were not an option.

However, if Laakso stays up with Nashville for any significant period of time it would be a crushing blow for Milwaukee.  Laakso was outstanding against the Texas Stars in the first round of the AHL playoffs, racking up a plus six rating while contributing two points.  If this recall lasts beyond Friday, the question is who will step in to absorb Teemu’s significant minutes along the Admirals’ blueline?

So Roundtable:  If you were Milwaukee coach Lane Lambert, how would you adjust the Admirals’ lineup to replace Teemu Laakso?

16 thoughts on “Nashville Recalls Teemu Laakso and Chet Pickard”

  1. Did someone get hurt or is this call up (Laakso) just so someone can be practicing with the team while they are in Vancouver in case of injury?

    Guess everyone is going to have to start liking Foss!

  2. Since the Wild did not make the NHL playoffs, the Aeros roster is already stocked with lower level NHL talents. They have their versions of Halischuck, Geoffrion, and Blum already with them. So losing the likes of Laakso hurts all the more. Foss is not the answer. We really need to get Ryan Ellis in here quickly and hope the coaching staff can make him gel with the team. We also have to hope he’s not burned out from his junior league season and can take his game to the next level.

    Once again, Milwaukee has to take a back seat to Nashville’s success. The fact is, so long as Nashville stays in the NHL playoffs, the more unlikely a Calder Cup becomes for the Ads. Give me a full roster with everyone from Geoffrion to Ellis on it (and no one the likes of Foss), and I’ll show you a real title contender. But it’s just not going to happen this year.

  3. Absolutely correct — if Windsor loses tonight, their season is over, and Ellis will have a couple of days to get to Milwaukee. The plan earlier in the season was for him to spend some time here, but we don’t know if anything has changed since the last time we talked to Paul Fenton.

    Foss…Ellis….Foss…..Ellis…… tough call there, eh? Hope we get to see Ellis this weekend.

    As for Pickard, this will hopefully get him some more 1-on-1 time with Mitch Korn.

  4. Chet I suppose is probably just there to work with Mitch korn as Ryan said. Chet won’t see game time anywhere unless injuries happen so it really doesn’t matter where his butt sits. Laaks I don’t get. I fully understand what it means to be a farm team but laakso going there to seemingly just practice and sit on his butt in case of injuries doesn’t do any good IMO.

  5. I’ll be the odd man out and stray from the anti-Foss sentiment.

    We’re playing a what-if game with Ellis, I’d say if time allows Ellis to get into some practice and he shows something there, then ok, but if not then I say go Foss for the next game.

    Foss hasn’t wow’d anyone and has had some bad plays stand out. You hate to have to find out during a playoff series whether the little we’ve seen of him is characteristic or he’s able to elavate his game now.

  6. Though I mentioned that this might be a devastating blow for Milwaukee, when it comes to playoffs these kinds of things happen, especially with injuries. Other players have to step up and take on vacant roles. The Admirals roster has been effectively interchangeable all season and I don’t expect that change without Laakso. Grant Lewis and Aaron Johnson are both players that can step up and play better than they have in the playoffs to this point. Both Lewis and Scott Ford will likely see more minutes, and I think both are more than capable. Milwaukee might have to get by on five effective defenseman for awhile, but with time to prepare expect Lambert to have something up his sleeve.

  7. I retract a little of my statement as I was unaware of an apparent injured Nashville d-man. But it still sucks. There isn’t much depth right now at defense past the admirals.

  8. If Laakso is just going to practice with the team and not play, why not call up Johnson instead? He could do that just as easily, and the actual prospects still in development could stay in Milwaukee and get important playoff experience.

    This better be a really short term call up, or there better really be an injury to someone in the Preds roster… yeah, farm team, I know…

  9. According to the preds injury page Boullion is hurt and has been for quite some time. Which makes you wonder once again about the Predators and how they move players. I haven’t been able to find anything on Boullion or when he might be coming back but instead of calling someone up right away they waited. everything I’ve read so far indicates that Laakso will sit unless one of their six starters gets hurt. which again doesn’t do a whole lot good for anyone except save the preds money on an emergency flight.

  10. Laura, Bouillon has been out for an extended period of time therefore Laakso’s call up has nothing to do with him. The Ducks series was rough and I wouldn’t be a surprised if Klein might be hurt or playing hurt. He took some series shots in that series. NHL teams are notoriously tight lipped about who is hurt and who isn’t during the playoffs. A lot of times players will finish games then will end up as surprising scratches for the next game. But don’t be surprised if someone is out for Game 1 in Vancouver and Laakso is in.

  11. Nashville has been playing with fire for a while now only having 6 active d-men on the roster. Laakso may not play, but he will for sure practice with them in case of injury to make the transition easier if he has to suit up. I doubt the price of an emergency flight has anything to do with it.

    Ellis would be a fantastic addition. I would rather have him play 15 minutes off the plane than Foss any day. If Ellis doesn’t get here quickly, why not play Leaderer instead? At least he has AHL experience, has some wheels, and is decent with the puck.

    I’m just afraid Lane pairs Foss up with either Johnson or Palin thus creating the slowest d pair since, well…Johnson and Palin.

  12. FYI, Ellis and his Spitfires crashed out of the OHL playoffs with a 10-4 loss last night (Ellis adding 1 helper). So some word on Ellis’ status should be forthcoming. A local paper noted the game as “Ellis’ last game as a Spitfire.”

  13. Don’t know if it’s true or not, but I read somewhere that with passports and work visas it takes longer to call a guy up and get them to Vancouver. So it makes sense then why they would want an extra d-man right there. MAYBE they will be nice and send him back when they get back to Nashville.
    Crossing my fingers we get to see Ellis. Anxious to see him play, and we can use him with Teemu gone.

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