Playoff Goalie Controversy Ahead?

Some great discussion in the last thread, so thank you to everyone from both sides of the aisle that contributed to that.  That’s EXACTLY how we envisioned things when we started up ye olde Roundtable.  So yes, thanks for the great discussions.

I’m going to give one of the tangents their own post here, because once Mark Dekanich is healthy again, we may have a playoff goalie controversy.

So please vote in the poll about what you think SHOULD happen, and feel free to add any thoughts in the comments, including what you think WILL happen if we’re fortunate enough to still be playing at that time.

7 thoughts on “Playoff Goalie Controversy Ahead?”

  1. If it were a couple games into round 1 I’d say it’s Dex’s show. Since we have to assume Dex won’t be coming back until later, possibly deeper in the playoffs, I say we go with who’s hot and what’s been working – Smitty. :) If Smitty has a bad game or two, then switch on over to Dex.

  2. We had a goaltending issue all season last year- Brent Krahn was #1, Matt Climie #2, but as Krahn is known to do, a month or so into the season, he was injured. Climie assumed the workload and carried the team through the winter. Krahn made his return a few weeks before the playoffs started, and he was lights out … until game 6 of round two, when he was ‘injured’ again. Climie stepped up and not only won game 7 against Chicago but in game 7 against Hamilton was as spectacular a goalie as I’ve ever seen. He was dazzling.

    Climie played the first five games of the Calder Cup Finals, a series that he earned and deserved through his stellar play. Then for some inexplicable reason, Krahn was suddenly healthy again and coach put him in for game 6. Hershey blew us out 4-0.

    That ending may have been inevitable, but lots of us Stars fans believe the decision to start Krahn was an insult to Climie and may have affected team morale. Injuries happen but if you’re lucky, guys step up. It’s crazy not to play a hot hand when the hand is hot.

  3. I think it’s safe to say Dex is gone next year. So I would imagine Nashville would rather that experiance would go to someone who will be here next year… So much time has passed since he played last. So if the wheels come off in the Goaltending Departement, it will already be to late to ease Dex in.

    I would think if we see him again, it’ll will be were down 2 or three games. How long has it been since he’s played? I think the next time we see Dex in a Milwaukee Hockey Game,he’ll be wearing a Wolves Jersey, next year.

  4. Smith earned the starts and Dex has to knock some rust off. I think you stick with Smith until he falters. Like someone said, put up three goals or more in a game this series and it seems like you’re getting the win. My opinion is that’s what most of the playoffs is like so ‘faltering’ is a pretty tight line.

  5. Assuming we’re still in the mix when Dex is healthy again. I wouldn’t mind seeing a nice rotation to keep them fresh. Regardless of whether they go with Smith or Dex I’d like to seem them split games at maybe a 2:1 mix, unless of course one is on a tear or one is taking a dump.

    How awesome of a story for Smith though. The guy started the season as our #3 goalie,(maybe even #4 if you consider Lindback in the mix) splitting time with Montreal’s prospect in Cincy. Here we are 6 months later debating if he should be our every day starter or not.

  6. Dex may be rusty. Play Smith until he looks bad in a game. If another 3 in 4 pops up, the Ads will need 2 goalies.

  7. Smith has been playing well & looks to be the net minder of the future. Let’s stick with the guy that has gotten us here in the playoffs. Dex may be gone next year so we should see what we have.

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