Kelsey Wilson May Play Tonight

If you follow Jon Greenberg on Twitter, you may already know this….but Kelsey Wilson is in Texas, and may play tonight.

And if so — what a speedy recovery for a guy that was on crutches for awhile there.  I think some major kudos would be in order for Kelsey for his dedication to rehab, and probably for strength and conditioning coach Jason Nordby for working with him and putting him in a position to succeed.

With this match-up against Texas, I think Kelsey would be a great addition to the lineup.  Agree?  Disagree?

5 thoughts on “Kelsey Wilson May Play Tonight”

  1. The answer depends on whether Wilson is fully healed and ready to play or if he’s getting pushed onto the ice at 70% effectiveness. I think he has no long-term future with the Preds or Ads, so the organization need not baby him as much as they might for a guy like Dex or Blum. To go from crutches to playing in the playoffs so quickly makes me somewhat nervous.

  2. Agree with BoomBoom and MiB. If he’s heathly, the experience, attitude and physical play will help. I think he’s done with us after this season as well. Who do you sit? Santorelli, Ryan, Latta, other?

  3. I can’t wait for that first bad penalty that he takes. Hopefully his usual playing style combined with being rusty don’t come back to hurt the Admirals.

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