What THEY’RE Saying

Here are some soundbytes from Coach Gulutzan, as the teams get ready for Game 3 on Tuesday night.

On the concept of “home ice advantage”, and on Milwaukee’s road record.

The Stars lost all three home games to the Hershey Bears in the finals last year…and that’s something that a lot of people on this roster should remember.  So they’re taking home ice advantage with a grain of salt.  And Milwaukee’s road record is pretty impressive.  Most points in the conference on the road, and third in the entire league.

Coach Gulutzan on the transformation of his team from Game 1 to Game 2.

That last part pretty much sums up Game 2 in five seconds.  Focus, specialty teams, puck luck, and goaltending down the stretch.  That’s the recipe for success.  That Admirals need to stir up their own batch of that Tuesday night.

If you get to Goolsby’s at 7pm and are wondering if they’re in a rain delay or something….please be advised that the game is scheduled to start at 7:30!

(Thanks to Josh Fisher w/ the Stars for the audio)

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