Game Day Soundbytes

Yesterday was Playoff Media Day, and we got some quotes from Coach, Chris Mueller, and Jeremy Smith.

Let’s start with the injury quotes.

Coach talks about Chris Mueller…..and then Mueller is complimentary of the coach.

Jeremy Smith, on last year’s championship, and how he needs to be ready, no matter what.

Mueller on the adversity the team had to face this season.

And finally, here’s Coach on the first round series against the Stars.  Basically, they’re Taco Bell quotes….same ingredients, different order.

One thought on “Game Day Soundbytes”

  1. I have said it before-this is nothing new or ground-breaking from me but I will say it again: I love what Mueller has brought to our team. He has such a great attitude/work ethic/skill set and it’s nice to hear the mutual admiration between the kid and his coach. Also so proud of Jeremy Smith. I think Dex has been our best player all year and to think we still have a shot in this post-season with our back-up in is a great feeling. Thanks for the quotes. I am pumped for tonight!!

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