Lines: Some Assembly Required

So, you?  You’re Coach Lambert.

You’ve done a pretty good  job getting this team to where they are right now, so, um, thanks!

But now you’ve got lots of new guys on the roster, and you may have a couple more guys coming back down from Nashville once Sully and Cal are in good shape.

You’ve got quite the schoolyard lot of forwards.

So you’ve got to assemble four forward lines.  GO!

Blake Geoffrion, Ryan Thang, Ryan Flynn, Mark Santorelli, Andreas Thuresson
Cory Conacher, Chris Mueller, Gabriel Bourque, Mike Bartlett, Taylor Beck,
Steve Begin, Michael Latta, Mark Van Guilder, Austin Watson, Matt Halischuk

(I left Hunter, Shields, Wilson, and Klasen off the list…but feel free to throw them in your lines if you want.  While suggesting this exercise, I remain, not the boss of you.)

Would you slide Halischuk back in on the Bourque-Mueller line?  Or play him with Geoffrion and someone else?  Would you like to see the two Guelph ATO’s together, or is there more to gain from them playing with some more veteran players?  Do you keep the lines we’ve been having for awhile now and just make minor changes?  If you want to see the young guys, who gets scratched?

5 thoughts on “Lines: Some Assembly Required”

  1. 1 Bourque- Thang- Mueller
    2Linus- Geoffrion-Watson
    3Begin- Thuresson-Halichuck
    4Flynn-Bartlett-Van Guilder
    With the Hrkac signal on everynight, untiil he and Flats show up.

  2. 1 – Mueller, Borque Halischuck
    2 – Thuresson, Geoffrion, Watson
    3 – Begin, Conacher, Thang
    4 – Van Guilder, Latta, Beck

    I’d start like that and maybe move a couple around between the 3rd and 4th line. I really liked Conacher. He was really hustling out there Wednesday.

  3. Assuming we get Geoffrion and Halischuk back:

    Bourque – Thang – Mueller
    Geoffrion – Watson – Halischuk
    Conacher – Begin – Thuresson
    Bartlett – Van Guilder – Flynn

    Substitute Latta and/or Beck for Bartlett and/or Conacher. If Klasen returns, stick him in Conacher’s spot.


    Assuming we don’t have Geoffrion and Halischuk:

    Bourque – Thang – Mueller
    Conacher – Watson – Thuresson
    Beck – Begin – Latta
    Bartlett – Van Guilder – Flynn

    Perhaps swapping Van Guilder and Watson depending on how the lines gel at the start of the game. If Klasen returns, stick him in Conacher’s spot.

  4. Note: Preds beat writer posted on Twitter that Sullivan may play tonight and O’Reilly may play Saturday!

  5. 1) Bourque-Mueller-Thang
    2) Thuresson-Van Guilder-Latta
    3) Flynn-Begin-Bartlett
    if hunter comes back sub him in for begin and begin for santorelli

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