Juniors Update: Beck And Latta On Their Way

Get ready for some more new faces on the roster.

While the Admirals were entertaining Peoria last night, Saginaw was clinching their playoff series against Guelph in the OHL.  So Taylor Beck and Michael Latta’s junior seasons are complete, and they are on their way to Milwaukee.  They may be able to make their debuts on Wednesday, but they need to officially be released by Guelph first.  We think that’ll happen on Tuesday, but it’ll happen when it happens.

It was one of those series’ where it shows how momentum can just turn on a dime, and the series can take a whole new path.  Leading the series 2 games to 1, Guelph had a 2-0 lead in game 4 before the game was five minutes old.  And then a Saginaw shorthanded goal early in the second period sparked a four goal explosion in the middle frame that eventually led to a 4-3 Saginaw win.  Saginaw took game 5, and then had a 6-2 lead in game 6 with 16 minutes to play.  Guelph scored three times the rest of the way, thanks in part to some time on the power play, but Saginaw hung on to take the series.

Latta had five goals and five assists in the six games.  Beck had three goals and five assists.

Meanwhile, Ryan Ellis’ Windsor Spitfire team will play game 7 of their series tomorrow night against Erie.  Windsor was up 3 games to 1, but Erie took the next two games in overtime to force game 7.

Ellis has three goals and four assists in six games so far.


Windsor won game seven, scoring the game winning goal with 2:48 left in the game.  Ellis had a power play goal and an assist in the game.

14 thoughts on “Juniors Update: Beck And Latta On Their Way”

  1. Wow, this is hard to comprehend all of the new folks.

    So the big question, what veteran players are going to sit out for the playoffs?

  2. That question deserves its own thread….Make four lines out of 18 guys.

    We’ll shoot to put that up on Thursday, after we (hopefully) get to see Beck and Latta on Wednesday.

  3. With 2 guys released, all the injuries, and Santo on the poop deck, it may not be that hard to sort things out.

  4. My guess is, unless Beck and Latta end up not practicing well or can’t adjust their games to the pro-level, they’ll be the two ATO’s guaranteed a spot in the lineup over some of the other newer guys.

  5. I’m surprised we let go of Cahill, but we had to make way for Preds Property. And isn’t Foss a d-man? We need them with Johnson banged up. Thankfully Fordo looks like he may have escaped any suspension.

  6. Yup, Foss is D. Cahill was a forward. Again, unless Beck and Latta cannot adjust their game to the pro-level, they are supposedly much more talented than Cahill. I for one am excited to see these two play! Let’s just hope they give 110% like Cahill did!

  7. Oh and do you know Fordo escaped suspension for sure? The AHL had a press release for a suspension announcement today, and it was for a game on April 1st… seems like they perhaps haven’t gotten around to reviewing incidents from April 3rd yet…?!?! Hope he doesn’t get one though…

  8. Creed: You can make a case that Foss is NOT a D-man! He may play one on TV, but I see no evidence at all that he is in fact a D-man. Cue Boris “The Pylon” Valabik!

    The Ads should have kept Cahill and dumped a few other players.

  9. Foss didn’t play a great game, but I don’t think a game or two tells the whole story. We’re down potentially a couple of d-men for ? game(s) (hopefully the suspension is short, but I do think its looming) so the position choice was sensible. Cahill heading back to school makes its all the more sensible. Absent that, I suspect maybe he wouldn’t have been the one.

  10. Foss did not play that bad. You guys need to ease up on him.

    And don’t forget Latta did play with us a little at the end of last year. Pretty sure he was in camp with the guys for a little this preseason too, so hopefully can fit in easier.

  11. Windsor of the OHL won their game 7 in round 1 of the playoffs. So we won’t be seeing Ryan Ellis for a little longer.

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