Milwaukee Admirals Relocating?

This just in on the rumor-wire…the Milwaukee Admirals are relocating south.

According to a press release, the Nashville Predators have decided to abruptly move their top American Hockey League affiliate, the Milwaukee Admirals.   The Admirals relocation, effective at the end of season, would end Nashville’s long time relationship with Milwaukee that started soon after the Predators became an NHL expansion franchise in 1997.

The top two candidates for relocation for the historic minor league franchise are either Chattanooga, Tennessee where the team would be called the “Chattanooga Choo-Choos” or to Knoxville where the team would take the name the “Knoxville Gold,” as perhaps a parting shot directed toward Marquette University.  A long shot choice for the relocation would be Memphis, where Elvis has just left the building.

Predators officials have decided that their organization would best be served with having their AHL team closer to their home base, along the lines of the Toronto Marlies or Rockford Ice Hogs.  The idea of using the team to generate more interest in hockey in the state of Tennessee also played a part in the decision.  Therefore by 2025, Nashville, now captained by then NHL-legend Blake Geoffrion (who long since become the greatest scoring member of the illustrious Geoffrion family), could have an entire team made up of home state natives in an attempt to rival the Doug Woog days at the University of Minnesota.

Milwaukee coach Lane Lambert could not be reached for comment, but was overheard leaving the Bradley Center locker room stating that he would look forward to the warmer weather and not having to deal with snow in April.

However, two things from the press release remain unclear.  The first is how the AHL would choose to realign the franchise.  Since the league has finally decided that having a team in Abbotsford, British Columbia wasn’t such a bright idea, the Heat are also exploring relocation possibilities.  The second was whether now hockey-less Milwaukee could be an eventual destination for either the NHL’s Phoenix Coyotes or Atlanta Thrashers as a replacement tenant for the Admirals.

There will be more to come on this developing story, but sadly no fresh information after April 1st.  YES this is an April Fools story…Enjoy the game tonight, huge battle for first place with Houston and that’s no joke.

2 thoughts on “Milwaukee Admirals Relocating?”

  1. Yes John…it is, everything in this story is made up, with the exception of the Marquette Gold joke. Much like the “Legends” and “Leaders” idea for the Big10, that idea was actually tried.

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