Please Welcome: Austin Watson, Chris Cahill, and Jeff Foss

They’re the next contestants on the Price is Right.

Watson, we wrote about yesterday.  He was a point per game this past season for his junior team, but one stat that lots of folks are not seeing about this season….. he was -38 defensively.  Granted, the Petes were not very good this season, but still….to be a point per game, and still -38….doesn’t make me think that Coach Lambert will be all that interested in playing him.  Word is that he needs to put some meat on those bones too.

Chris Cahill is a forward who has spent the last four seasons playing for Yale University, and he continues the Predators’ interest in drafting hockey players with high IQ’s.  As a senior, Cahill scored 15 goals and 19 assists in 35 games.

Foss was a 6th round draft pick of the Preds in 2008, and he just finished his senior season with RPI.  A 6’2 200 pound stay-at-home-defenseman, he had 3 goals and 11 assists in 38 games.  If he practices well and shows Coach Lambert some good awareness, that may mean the end of Patrick Coulombe’s time in Milwaukee as the 7th defenseman.

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  1. Before you dump on Watson for being one dimensional with that plus/minus stat,
    have you looked at the Peterborough Petes team stats? The ENTIRE team has it. I would put it down more as coach’s philosophy/style of play than Austin being one dimensional. There is absolutely no defense being played there with the goaltenders nothing more than sacrificial lambs.

    When Austin played for Windsor for a season and a half and the Petes last year after he was traded, he was double digits in the plus column without the guady offensive numbers.

    At 6′ 3″ 190, this kid is gonna look absolutely huge next to the likes of McBride, Shields, Bartlett, and Hunter.

  2. Got to agree with Brian, the Petes entire team has an awful +/- .
    Two at +1, a few more at 0 and the balance are negative with half the team -10 and less.

  3. Sure, the Petes were awful. But that was a team worst -38. To be second in points and STILL a team worst defensively? How does the kid make a case to Lane Lambert that he’s ready to play Lane’s game, in Lane’s system, at this point in the season?

    6’3? Yeah, he’d be taller. 187 pounds? Hope he gets some time with Jason Nordby while he’s here.

    Honestly, I don’t think he plays, unless injuries are horrendous or someone in Nashville “strongly suggests” that Lane plays him to see what he looks like.

    Would love to be wrong.

  4. I always resented that Parent took Lutz spot in the Finals in 86. I felt that had to have been an order from the Preds to play him. Parent looked like a deer in the head lights that series.

  5. The wieight goes from anywhere from 187 to 193 which is being reported on the Preds site. His BMI for his height/weight would be dead on for that size. Should he get stronger? Of course he should. He’s 19. As far as his +/-, again look at his line mates. There are more guys in the minus (20’s and 30’s) that I have ever seen on a team that doesn’t play for kegs.

    If he was that terrible defensively, he would never get a sniff of the U.S. Juniors squad, or a first round pick from a defensively minded Nashville organization for that matter

  6. Who’s wrong?

    This guy is wrong.

    Watson and Cahill will make their pro debuts tonight against Houston.

    Watson will be #42. Cahill will be #15

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