Everything Is Ok

Just so you can be informed, when your neighbor at the Bradley Center asks you WTF is going on….

Your regularly scheduled PA announcer is in Hawaii.  He’s not in trouble, the higher-ups aren’t trying to go another direction, and his job certainly is not in jeopardy.  He’s just out of town this week.  Nothing more.

That is all.  Please be advised.

8 thoughts on “Everything Is Ok”

  1. The one thing I do appreciate every game is when he announces the off-ice officials :) Every game it’s something new. A few games ago I like how he threw in everyone’s hometown in their intro :) Ryan, you should carry on that tradition, as well as giving the wrong name for the PA announcer :-D

  2. This just in from TSN’s Darren Dreger: He’s been traded for a player to be named a later and a bag of pucks.

  3. We’ll see how sinister I’m feeling….to be honest, I’m more worried about saying their names correctly…

    What should I name myself? James Sixsmith?

    Jason? A bag of pucks? Sounds a lot like the Sulzer deal…

  4. Thought I went with some gas for the Zamboni on the Sulzer trade. Would you prefer some drywall compound, or some plexi-glass cleaner?

    Just don’t tank Gabriel Bourque’s name like I did during my post game interview. I think because he’s french-Canadian, he didn’t understand my mistake and was willing to still talk to me for the feature.

    Props on getting to the clinching note before I did though Ryan. If I ever find my recorder, I am going to scribble about the implications of tonight’s action around the AHL.

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