Admirals Fury The Fury, Defeat Rampage 2-1

The Mountain Fury Power Play would be the difference in the game tonight, as the Admirals scored 2 special team goals to beat the San Antonio Rampage Sunday evening 2-1. With both teams playing their third game in as many days the question was how the teams would respond.  Here’s what coach Lambert thought about the weekend, which gave the Admirals five of a possible six points in the standings.

The Admirals had their first Mountain Fury Power Play of the game at the 6:06 mark of the first.  Being bored with the normal 2 minutes given for a minor infraction, the Admirals chose to convert at the 6:12 mark of the first period. Randy Robitaille didn’t even have a chance to sit down in the box before Teemu Laakso netted his 5th goal of the year.  Ryan Thang was able to gather the face off and send the puck to the far point to Roman Josi. Roman then sent the rink wide pass to Laakso who gathered and fired beating Jimmy Joe Fallon top right for the first goal of the game.

The second period was also beneficial for the special teams as both squads lit the lamp with a power play goal. It was San Antonio that was first to score in the frame. With Dylan Hunter in the box for a tripping call it was the Rampage’s Mathieu Beaudoin who netted the equalizer at the 3:12 mark. Beaudoin was down low around the goal line when he put an innocent enough shot on net that just squeaked past the lazy leg of Jeremy Smith and just over the line for his 21st on the year. It was one of those plays that would not be a goal 9 times out of 10 but this is the time he caught Smith sleeping a little.

Despite that play, Coach Lambert was pleased with Smith’s performance, and how he’s been playing in general of late.

Not to be outdone the Admirals answer back at 15:41. This Mountian Fury Power Play was brought to us by a Matt “one point twenty one giga” Watkins slashing penalty. The Admirals had an odd man rush entering the offensive zone, but the Rampage were quick on their heels. Kelsey Wilson was carrying the zone along the far boards when he sent a pass backwards and across the rink to Johnson, who fired a shot on net.  Johnson’s shot was stopped by the pad of Fallon (no, still not Jimmy) and Andreas Thuresson was there to stuff home the loose change.  This goal was Thuresson’s 3rd in two days.

The Ads were outshot 14-6 in the third period, which is kind of what we expected considering the long weekend.  But Smith and the Admirals defense were up to the task, and keep their hold on 1st place in the West Division.

The Admirals magic number is now…………… 2.   Wednesday sounds like a great day to punch the playoff ticket, don’t you think?   See you back here at the BC then.


Ford drops the gloves for the second time in as many days. It was an okay bout.  Better than his fight yesterday.

Injuries:  Dylan Hunter took a stick to the face and went down to the ice. When he got up he had a nice little pool of blood under him.  His status you ask?  Coach says upper body injury, and he doesn’t know the timetable yet.  Conor Shields update, by popular demand:  He had Butler and VCU in the final four.  Steve Begin is likely to be back in the lineup this week, maybe even Wednesday.  Dekanich and Klasen are not “out for the year”, but probably won’t play again in the regular season.

Other than the “lazy leg” goal smith was very consistent. I can’t recall any big WOW saves or remember any moments where I covered my eyes and had to peek through my fingers either.

Santorelli was a scratch…. Again… Must be that cat-scratch.


Does the power play look to be fixed?  Or is it more of the same, just with some good bounces?

Do you like the dog promotion?  I always feel bad for those that sing the National Anthem on dog days….I hope they don’t take it personally!

If Smith keeps playing well when Dex is ready to go, do you think they’ll play the hot hand, or is Smith just keeping the crease paint warm for Dex?

18 thoughts on “Admirals Fury The Fury, Defeat Rampage 2-1”

  1. Are you guys sure that Santo was just a scratch again? If he was then I don’t get it. In the dog house with coach or not, with Shields out why dress a 7th defensemen in Coloumbe then a healthy forward?

  2. I’m starting to believe my hope for the Two Headed Santorelli Bobblehead, will never be realized. I have never brought my dog to the Bradley Center,but the Admirals are touching another market.

  3. I adjust my comment as I see that Santo did play in Rockford last night but I still don’t get it.

  4. Smith is keeping the crease warm for Dex. Dex will be the goalie in the playoffs (assuming he returns then, and he plays well).

    I’m still not set on the PP. We did move the puck well tonight though. If they keep it up the next few games, then I’ll say it’s been fixed.

    I like the dog day promo. The first year they did it, they filled up portions of two sections? Last year they filled up a few more. This year, they had about 7 or 8 sections with people. If it brings people to the game or brings extra revenue to the team, by all means, go for it!

    Here’s a question for the Roundtable readers… just assuming the Admirals get Beck, Latta, and Ellis, who sits if Coach opts to play these three? I think the obvious is Beck and Latta over McBride, Shields, and/or Bates. The tougher decision is Ellis. I would have to assume Lewis is the odd man out? Then what happens if Blum is sent back at some point? IMO, the next d-man who should sit would have to be Ford, despite the fact that he’s an A. One would have to assume Palin and Johnson are in for sure, as is Josi. Laakso has been playing so well I just don’t see him sitting.

  5. I wouldn’t mind them sitting Ford. His last couple games have not been that great. I really hope we get the chance to see Ellis. I think CreedFeed is right on the other two.

    My question for the Roundtable is how did Houston get such a great finish to their schedule? They play in Chicago Thursday, here Friday then back to Chicago Saturday. Then they have a week off!! Then finish on the 10th at home against the Barons, who they just beat 3 days in a row. Nothing like being totally rested for the play-offs!

    At this point I’m wondering if Mark is just AWFUL in practice. Or Lambert just flat out doesn’t like him.

  6. As for Santorelli….I don’t know if he’s banged up or sore…or if it’s just the voodoo rosternomics that happens all over the league this time of year. Eric Kent and I used to get all worked up about who wasn’t on the clear day roster but was playing anyway…. These days, I think I’m just willing to let the coaches do what they need to do, and not question injuries. That’s a slippery slope.

    I like the dog promo. But you have to watch your step up there…

    Creed — you beat me to it….that was going to be a discussion thread later this week, as Windsor and Guelph make some headway in their playoff tilts…. After today’s action, both Guelph and Windsor are tied 1-1 in their respective series.

    As far as Houston goes, I’m not sure I would prefer their schedule. They may be rested going into the playoffs, but having played more games than everyone else, there’s a lot of their destiny that’s already out of their hands. That’s the other side of the coin. And you never quite know what team you’re going to get after a long layoff….we’ve had issues with that this year, for sure.

  7. I’d say you underplayed the fight! Scotty wasn’t just hugging it out this time, he got quite a few slugs in there. I would say it was pretty even on the outcome though. Scotty had a few more quality shots connect, but props to the SA player for the sweet take down at the end of it.

  8. Smith just keeps winning and doing what the team asks of him. Earlier in the year, you called him a “door opener” and now he’s “keeping the crease warm”? 14-6-2, .925 and 2.21 pretty decent numbers for a door opener or crease warmer? What are you going to call him next “Zamboni driver”but let me caution you right now, he can probably do that at a level that will prove you wrong again! You need to get behind this guy and have his back not jab him in the back every chance you get. He has come to Milwaukee and been a good citizen, good teammate and Oh by the way……. he’s a good goalie too.

  9. Mark, “Door opener” is just a term for a backup goalie that isn’t expected to split time equally with the starter (See: any goaltender that paired up with Pekka his last 2 years in MKE). Keeping the crease warm is an expression meaning that Smith is out as soon as Dex is healthy enough to play. IMO, neither term is a knock on Smith’s ability and I haven’t seen the writers jab at Smith all that much. Pickard, maybe, but not Smith

  10. Ryan, sorry I jumped the gun :) That was a topic that came up yesterday after the game on the drive home so I thought I’d add it.

  11. Smith is making a good case for himself carrying on in goal. I’ve been a proponent of his playing, and I’ll continue. It isn’t that I don’t like Dex’s abilities, I just think that Smith is a bit more controlled.

    With regard to the power play being fixed, I don’t think there’s enough time left in the season to put that stamp of approval on it. May the lucky star of all Plays Powerful continue to shine upon our man-advantages for the remainder of the season, and then some. Maybe next year it can be resolved.

    Dog day afternoon….. Didn’t affect me one way or the other. It brought more $ into the Ads pockets, and that’s always a good thing. I’m waiting for ‘bring your pet Iguana’ day to happen. Won’t that be fun???

    The games Saturday and Sunday showed more spark than normal, which was good to see. Toward the end of the game on Sunday, they almost fell back into their whack at it routine, but managed to keep it together enough to beat the Rampage.

    Go Ads!!

  12. Yeah, i don’t think any harm was meant for Smith. He’s been a hell of a player, and there really hasn’t been any dropoff since Dex went out. Dex just has the experience factor, and better numbers so he will get the majority of the playoff starts.

    Powerplay doesn’t seem fixed, but looks like it’s heading in the right direction. With less movement between Nashville and Milwaukee as of late, lines haven’t been jumbled nearly as much, which only helps.

    I will say, that the PK yesterday was pretty amazing. Granted they gave up 1 goal, but having the #2 PP in the league come in and only get 1…not bad. A very solid defensive game all around.

    LOVE dog day, but yes, be careful where you walk. If i was a dog, I would have howled during the anthem too.

  13. Thanks for coming to our defense, RE: Smith. An Mark H, thanks for reading, and thanks for sticking up for your boy.

    Smith has been great, and he’s done everything he’s been asked — you’re right. And frankly, if it’s Chet instead of Smith in all those games, the Admirals probably aren’t sitting in first place. Smith has improved dramatically over the course of the year, and his athleticism is outstanding. He’s a funny guy, he’s a good sport, and we’re lucky to have him here.

    But it all boils down to this: Mark Dekanich is the number one goalie in Milwaukee. Not because I say so. Not because any other reader here says so. It’s because that’s how they are deciding to run the team. And when healthy, Dekanich will get the vast majority of the playing time. If Dex was ready to go today, I bet we wouldn’t see Smith until the next three-in-three stretch, which is the last weekend of the season. That’s not a knock on Smith — that’s just the environment that Smith finds himself in right now. And realistically, I think the way Sutty put it (keeping the crease paint warm for Dex) is pretty accurate about how it’s going to play out.

  14. The PP was better but I still didn’t think it was good enough. We scored twice so that has to say there was a good degree of success. However, I still felt like SA carried the puck into the across center ice too many times for us being on the PP. They didn’t just clear it out, they skated and carried it out.

    The dog promo is ok, but needed to get the fans-fans out to all people to make some more noise! What happened to the old clackers? :)

    Dex will get the starts if he’s healthy. Smith has performed great. Like you’ve indicated in his last few games he’s let some get away. There were two that I think he was very lucky to get away from this game. Personally, Smith says more potential to me than Dex. I don’t think Dex is bad, but I think he let’s them bounce out in front of him too much for comfort.

  15. Dexshow all the way if he is healthy. Fully expect to see Dex gone next year and Smith the #1 for the Ads.

    Anyone expect to see Matt Halischuck back soon? Last I looked, he hasn’t played for Nashville in 3 or 4 games.

  16. Per Lane on the radio show:

    Begin possible to return Weds

    Dex out for regular season.

    Hunter = concussion, out for awhile

    Shields, acl, out 6 months.

  17. And also Klasen out indefinitely. Didn’t sound too promising with him. Also the way Lane said “we’ll see” about Deks being back for playoffs, it may not be 1st round.

    I also think Smith has a bit more potential, but am happy with both goalies.

  18. I also noticed there were a lot (like 4) minors called for high sticking, which seemed odd to me. We were up in the nose bleeders with our dog so all I could see were a bunch of white jerseys skating around a bunch of black jerseys. Was it really that bad, or was the guy in orange sleeves a little quick on the whistle?

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