Dex Out For “Extended Period”

Injury specifics are scarce this time of the season….upper-body this, lower-body that.  That’s pretty much all we get.

Here’s what we know about the injury to Mark Dekanich.

Coach Lambert talked to Aaron Sims before the Friday night game against San Antonio, and he said that Dex is going to be out for “an extended period of time.”

Dex was injured in the overtime period against the Rampage on Wednesday night, and left the ice not putting any weight on his right leg.  The estimate thrown out there during the pre-game was an absense of two weeks.

Here’s the coach:

“Let’s not try and candy-coat it…that’s not good.  But at the same time, Smitty has played very well for us all year long.  So the only difference between what Smitty needs to do now and what he’s been doing, is just that he’s going to have to do it on a regular basis.  That’s all there is to it.”

That’s a great vote of confidence.

“Jeremy Smith is a guy who has won games.  And he won a Kelly Cup last year, and he’s used to big games.”

So it’s going to be the Jeremy and Chet show as we come down the stretch.  It’s a golden opportunity for both to step up and be the man.

And for all you Dexshow twitter fans, don’t forget to follow Jeremy too, @jeremysmith30 !

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