Admirals Ready Themselves for Six Crucial Games in Nine Nights

It is officially crunch time in the American Hockey League.  Not a single team has more than 18 games remaining on their schedule, so the ceiling for the amount of points that each team can accumulate from this point forward is just 36 or less.

Starting tonight Milwaukee embarks on a stretch of six games in nine nights.  With the lone exception of Lake Erie on March 19, the Admirals will face all West Division opponents during this run and only divisional teams for the rest of the month.

As it currently stands, the Admirals occupy the top spot in the division and in the Western Conference with 81 points.  Four or more wins in the next six games or at the very least a pair of victories over the team that occupies the sixth slot, San Antonio, would go a long way toward creating a comfort zone for the playoffs.

Admirals coach Lane Lambert knows his team has a great opportunity to create some distance at the top of the ladder with some strong play.

“Now more than ever you really start to see teams move,” Lambert said.  “The games become bigger and bigger as we go along here, so this stretch of games is huge (for our club).”

So Roundtable, during this stretch of six games, Milwaukee will play three at home and three on the road, which include a pair of contests at sixth place San Antonio.

What are your predictions for how the shorthanded Admirals will handle these next nine nights?  Would anything less than eight points be a disappointment?

3 thoughts on “Admirals Ready Themselves for Six Crucial Games in Nine Nights”

  1. I agree and think 8 points is what should be considered a success on this stretch of games. 6 points would be acceptable, but not the ideal situation. Chicago, while still having several more games played than the teams below them, is climbing up in the standings. Assuming we beat our divisional foes and Chicago goes on a tear, they can end up making the playoffs, possibly the fourth seed. With the way this team has played against Chicago this year, I do not want to see that first round matchup.

  2. Six to eight points would be good. How is Milwaukee shorthanded? I saw Shields, Laakso and McBride on the ice last night. Does Milwaukee need Coulombe back? Will Begin ever play again this season?

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