(A quick diversion before we get to the matinee today)

We came.  We conquered.  We Roo-ed it up.

By far, our favorite landmark on the way to Rockford, is the Beef-A-Roo restaurant.

On our very first trip, we couldn’t stop laughing about the name.  And ever since then, we had vowed to have a meal there.

But something would always come up.  It was a weeknight game, and we didn’t have the time.  Eric had to wash his hair.  Sutty had a Sex In The City marathon.  Ryan was passing a kidney stone.  Stuff like that.

No more excuses.  It was determined that with the Saturday night game in Rockford, we were going to stop to experience the the legend of Beef-A-Roo.  (or fury the fury, if you rather)

Eric agreed to come out of retirement and make the trip.  Sutty, unfortunately, couldn’t make the trip, due to family obligations.  So it was just Eric and I.  Sutty’s loss.

We weren’t there for 3 minutes before we found out that our trip was totally worth it.

Eric: So what’s your specialty?  What are you guys known for?

Countergirl:  We’re known for our beef.

Complete sincerity.  Not being funny at all.  IT WAS AWESOME!

Beef?  Ya don’t say?

Better than being known for the a-roo, I guess…

So we both had beef sandwiches, with cheese fries, onion rings, and a couple of milkshakes.  All for less than $20.

And we’ll be back!  Thanks Beef-A-Roo!

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