Fluff Piece

Ok, let’s lighten things up a bit.  Rough weekend for everyone.  Here’s a fluff piece.

Some people take the scenic route to our little spot in the world wide web.  And the blog software is able to track what people type in their web searches that ultimately bring them here.  Here are some of the searches from this past week.

Mountain Fury Admirals (awesome)
Jamie Lundmark Wife Erica (we get these searches every week)
Governor Scott Walker Combover (????)
Effective Penalty Killer (Anyone come to mind?)
Compare nets and skeletons. how are they alike? how do they diffre? (????)
Chet Pickard Problem (We’ll have a story about Chet later this week!)

6 thoughts on “Fluff Piece”

  1. Mountain Fury….that is simply awesome.

    No comment.

    No comment.

    Nick Spaling.


    We are all well aware of Chets struggles, how is he doing in cincy anyway?

  2. MOUNTAIN FURY!!!!!! we have made it, sniff sniff…. you know people laughed at us when we first started this and… (music starts playing) … oh, um, Hi Mom.

  3. I assume you’ve never discussed Krys Kolanos, and therefore don’t get the daily hit for “Krys Kolanos 2011”? Interestingly enough, from the city of our NHL affiliate… that would be my oddest one.

    And MiB, Chet did well this weekend and like I assume Ryan will touch on, is going to be a HUGE key to Cincy’s Kelly Cup run this year.

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